Stepping Out in Style: A Look inside Prom Dress Shopping for Every Budget and Taste

With prom being just under a month away, dress shopping is in full swing. Dresses are flying off the racks at every store. There are many things to consider when choosing a dress store. I looked at multiple stores across the tri-state and one in Columbus that are very popular for prom dresses. I looked at the location of the stores, their process for helping you find a dress while in the store and their websites to help pave the way for you to find the dress of your dreams. 

Another popular way to shop for a dress is online and on social media. It is not uncommon to be scrolling on our phones and to see a dress we love on social media and do some digging. Girls will go on websites and have their prom dresses shipped from across the globe if it is the perfect dress for them.

Girls drive hours to prom dress stores in search of dresses that perfectly match their favorites from social media. Tailored social media posts allow local brands and stores the ability to advertise clothing to specific users. More often than not when finding a dress on social media, there will be a website to that store and where it is located. People feel more comfortable driving to the store and trying the dress on than purchasing it online and hoping it fits. 

Here are four stores that I visited if you are still looking for a prom dress.


Kosotovos hangs and displays formal dresses for prom. Photo Credits: Victoria Kotsovos


Kotsovos Prom, Furs and Fine Apparel is located in Montgomery, Ohio. When I first walked in the door I was asked to fill in information about myself. What school I go to, the date of my prom and of course a good way to contact me in case I needed to order a dress. A new trend for most prom dress stores is that they will do their best to make sure a girl from your school will not have the same dress as you. All of their dresses were broken off into sections by size. Something that was very helpful and beautiful to see is the dresses were also organized by color in their sizes which made finding my exact dress so much more efficient. There were workers walking around everywhere waiting to help me. They took the dresses I wanted to try on to a private dressing room and made sure I had the exact size I needed in each dress to see how the dresses fit me. 




Formal Society offers a comfortable waiting area for guests who are waiting for dress-buyers in the dressing room. Photo Credits: Lori Hoeppener

Formal Society

Formal Society is located in downtown Lebanon. When I walked into this boutique I saw more than aisles of prom dresses, I saw cute and comfy everyday outfits there as well. One room had cute clothes and another room had both homecoming and prom dresses. Once I walked into the dress part of the boutique I noticed that dresses were sectioned off by size, color, and style of dress. I did not find my pom dress there, however, I did find this cute blue party dress for very cheap that I cannot wait to wear. My friend not only found her prom dress, but her jewelry and shoes there as well, so no need to drive to multiple stores to complete your look. When we tried on dresses we went to a private dressing room. When we walked we saw our dress in a wall of mirrors. My friend ended up ordering a dress and can come back to pick it up. My favorite thing about this store is the owner said if my friend’s dress did not fit in any way she herself would fix it for her. 





Pure Couture provides dresses hung up in sections by color to make prom dress shopping easier for customers. Photo Credit: Kristen Adolph

Pure Couture

Pure Couture is located in Springboro, Ohio. When I first walked into this shop I saw racks and walls of dresses and a runway with lots of mirrors in the middle of the store. Something that made shopping at this store so enjoyable is that everything is organized by color and then I found the size I needed within that color. They have heels which was helpful because I forgot mine to try on prom dresses. They also had a private dressing room to try on dresses. I walked out in my dress and up onto a small stage where lights shined down on me and I could see my dress sparkle. My absolute favorite thing is that the store had a runway in the center where I could walk and see how I moved in my dress, it made me feel really special. All sales were final, and they tried their best to make sure that a girl at my pageant would not have the same dress as me, but with online shopping being so popular it is not definite that my dress would be one of a kind. 



Henri’s offers racks and racks of dresses in different styles. Their focus makes your dress selection personal.
Photo Credits: CS3 Photography


Henri’s Cloud Nine is located in Columbus, Ohio. When I walked into this store I was greeted by someone at the front desk who checked me in. They have rooms and rooms of dresses. After looking through the hundreds of dress options, I went to the dressing rooms where I was met by a worker at the store who assisted me. They took all of my dresses to a private dressing room to try on. The worker filled out information such as what dresses I liked and what school I attended. Yes, just like the other stores, they too do not let another girl from your school have the same dress as you. I found a dress I absolutely loved in lime green and wanted to see if they had it in another color. The worker without hesitation was able to scan the tag on the dress and see that there were no other colors offered in the style I wanted. I have to say I felt very cared for by everyone on staff working there and felt like they had my best interest in mind.