Advice to freshmen

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As seniors, Kings students have learned a lot since their freshman year. They have learned the do and the don’ts, what classes to take and what classes to stay away from, and all the little secrets to succeeding in high school.

Seniors were asked what advice they had for all of the income freshmen. Here were their answers:

“Take high school seriously, study, but have fun and let the good times roll. These really are the best years of your life!” -Taelor McCarthy

“Don’t be afraid of change. High school is a time of change, be who you are. No matter what anyone thinks of you, what you know to be true is what really matters.” -John McMullen

“Get to know upperclassman. Especially if they hang out with Dimes.” -Jackson Schueler

“Enjoy the time.” -Blake Hill

“Don’t be a freshman.”-Lefty Fowler

“Get involved!’ -Courtney Kelleher

“Walk on the right side of the hallway and pick the right friends. Freshman friends won’t be senior friends.” -Zach Guerriero

“Get close to 3 or 4 teachers.” -Jacob Wires

“Make good relationships with teachers/administration.” -Anna Murray

“Stay on top of everything, control life, and have fun.” -Matthew Sanella

“Live it up while you can. Don’t make school your entire life.” -Justin Wade

“Be confident and get involved in as much as you can!” -Kate Etter

“Do not fall down on the steps.” -Kris Hacker

“Work hard for 4 years so that you have a lot of options later on.” -Pedro A. Garcia

“Make friends with teachers. Being a good kid gets you far in this school, stay on teachers’ good sides.” -Miranda Anderson

“Don’t buy elevator passes. And don’t worry! Everything will become natural in a few weeks!” -Brian Carter

“Quit caring what people think of you.” -Claire Sichterman

“Work hard in school, but still make the time to enjoy high school and have fun.” -Stephanie Bennett

“High School is easy. Don’t stress, you don’t have to be an all-star to get into college, it just matters how much less you want to pay later.” -Samuel Parrett (Frodo)

“Doing your makeup before school in the bathroom: STOP. Also please learn t stop walking the opposite ways in the hallway.” -Allison Herndon

“Don’t wear socks and sandals, don’t run through the halls, and just don’t.” -Emma Belanger

“Try not to care too much and also you probably aren’t as great as you think so calm down!” -Claire Fonner

“It might be cliche, but be yourself and do what you genuinely enjoy, because by doing what is important to you, you’ll make all the friends you need and meet all the people that matter in your life.” -Casey Ryan

“Stay away from drama. And walk on the right side of the hallway!!” -Carrie Hill

“Schools not a game and life is a war.” -Caleb Deehan

“Have fun.” -Garrett Irwin

“Quit the drugs and drinking it makes children look stupid.” -Colin Ellison

“Keep your GPA up and do well on the ACT/SAT.” -Taylor Hamlin

“Work hard your freshman and sophomore year so you have a solid GPA going into junior year.” -Stacy Stuart

“Shower, deodorant, and be better for traffic!” -Jeremy Vandever (JRO)

“Life goes on.” -Alicia Krynock

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” -Matthew Washer

“Make good study habits early, don’t slack off, get good grades.” -Rayne Schmidt

“Shut up.” -Collin Cooper

“Be yourself and shower.” -Jacob Izral Oldham

“Make sure you get good grades as an underclassman because they count when you apply to college.” -Gretchen Ingling
“Learn how to walk in the hallways.” -Allison Hoyle

“Be you.” -Stephanie Fadayel

“Personal hygiene, you’re not that cool yet, calm down.” -Devin Lawhon

“Don’t slack off, actually try to do well in school.” -Emma Martin

“Don’t stress over little things, life always goes on.” -Darcy Kircher

“Try hard, and get involved.” -Arden Jestice

“Do enough to get A’s, don’t slack too much. And walk on the right side of the hallway.” -Luke Glischinski

“Get involved and don’t try to be someone you are not.” -Becca Kraeutle

“Don’t be afraid, it’s not as scary as people say. Also, don’t stop in the middle of the hall way and learn to walk!” -Kylee Hensley

“Respect your upper classman. You will be well liked and known.” -Andrew Lake

“Study.” -Avery Drake

“Get involved! and don’t procrastinate.” -Kelly Sudbrack

“Don’t slack off, and show some respect.” -Sam Kasuga

“Find the smartest kid in the class, befriend them, and copy them.” -Bo Firstenburger

“Start early. Set a goal and go for it.” -Jacob Beard

“Run while you can.” -Tyler Newdigate

“Shower and do NOT stop in the middle of the hallway.” -Claire Curtis
“Everything in high school will feel like the end of the world. But it’s really not. Life will go on.” -Hannah Reckman

“Take school seriously freshman year.” -McCaulley Longwell


“Make sure you have good grades or else it will come back to haunt you.” -Joy Ficke

“Be social and get involved.” -Cara Thomas

“Do exactly opposite of Carso ‘Rick’ Gritton in every scenario of your life.” -Max Cunningham

“You will be treated like an adult here, so act like adults!” -Michael Pillman

“Get good grades-you want your GPA to be high from the beginning.” -Katie Gould

“Walk on the right side of the hallway at a reasonable speed. Follow traffic laws. Road rage happens in HS. For real.” -Jennifer Niemantsverdriet

“Don’t slack off. It will pay off if you don’t slack off.” -Jeffrey Martin

“Don’t abuse the freedom you are given.” -Tyler Patterson

“Don’t take everything so seriously, and get involved the most you can.” -Kelsy Burke

“Walk on the right side and don’t make out with each other. Also get good grades so you can slack later.” -Katelyn Smithberger

“Have as much fun as possible , don’t get caught, and make it last while you’re here as it goes by fast” -Matt James

“Don’t take high school too serious, do your best in all your classes, and don’t get caught up in relationships.” -Abby Groome

“Don’t take yourself or anyone else too serious.” -Josh Woody

“Work hard but also have fun. It goes by so quickly.” -Maddie Kuhn

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions and have fun.” -Kristen Sevier

“Get involved, try new things, study hard.” -Taylor Jenkins

“Don’t take physics.” -Robby Frye

“Start working hard freshman year and think about who your author will be for junior english Wheeler life steeler. And always take pictures of your high school journey.” -Victoria Lake

“Stay focused on your grades, get to meet and know more people.” -Adam Hunt

“Start your GPA off right.” -Rachel Lake

“Try hard freshman year, after that just have fun.” -Ryan Maguire

“Stay on the correct side of the hallway and you won’t get hit.” -Shelby Lee

“Get a good GPA while it’s easy.” -Jon Buckel


by McKenzie Metzger