‘Tribes’ grows at Rivers Crossing


Cassidy Charneski

C. Charneski

Rivers Crossing Community Church on Kings Island Drive is a growing congregation in the Kings community, and has even begun reaching out to area youth.

For years located in the Kings High School auditorium, Rivers Crossing recently moved down the street to the old Showcase Cinema movie theater near Kings Island. Its a big part of the area’s Christian community.

As part of its youth outreach effort, the church has launched Tribes, a youth group organization for high school kids grades 9-12. About 175 students are involved in what the church describes as an opportunity to stay connected with their religion and even get involved in the community. It also offers a way for students from all area schools to meet.

“Tribes effects the church because it leads to the students bringing their families to church,” Student Pastor Travis Soles said. “I think Tribes brings people together. I think that it has introduced a lot of people, which is effecting our community in big ways.”

Some other Tribes events include Crave, a dance-party event at the church weher they hold a talent show and dart wars, among other events.

Every summer in August, Tribes holds an event called Kick-Off Classic, a retreat where students go to camp for the weekend to get to know each other a little more. Another event is their annual ski retreat in February.

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