Ender’s Game; Thor sequel

“Ender’s Game” hit the theater with mixed reviews.

Valerie Hamilton

V. Hamilton

This movie revolves around a race of aliens who have been attacking earth, and their extent to stop them from causing damage, and defeat them once and for all. It has been 70 year since the attack started, and it is still causing major problems. They have to recruit more people to go into the fight. They recruit a young man by the name of Ender (Asa Butterfield), to join a crew to stop it once in for all. Will the young man be able to stop the attack once and for all, while learning and connecting to the rest of the crew?

This movie tries to connect to the book, but fails to do so. It tries to honor the book readers, but by doing it, it seems to isolate the people that have never read it. The people who have never read it wont understand the connection between the character and will grow to not understand the whole situation. They also leave out the background quite a lot, causing the watcher to not understand what is going on in the heart of it.

The acting was decent with the many no-names, but it didn’t stand out too much and wow anyone. Its a good movie to watch for the action of it, but not compared to movies like Gravity out now.

Knight Times Rating: ⅗ Shields

“Thor: The Dark World”

The sequel to “Thor” recently hit theaters with fans loving it, but critics not so much.

This movie brings back all the famous characters from the original but puts them up against a new type of evil. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) must fight against many evils that have plagued the world making it possible for the whole world to collapse.Loki (Tom Hindersman) started to try to even help with the situation, making this a real bad issues. What will happen when a hero and a villain start working together?

This movie was very decent but not the best when it comes to superhero movie. The acting was decent but pretty cheesy. I felt like they could have worked on the acting a little bit. The action is pretty good. It is no stop action in that way, but I felt like the plot could have been worked on. I feel like background knowledge should have been added to make it better for the audience to understand completely. I think it brings a thrill, but could be better overall.


Knight Times Rating: 3.5/5 shields

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