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The Rain Barrel Project

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Knight Times staff report

The Regional Storm Water Collaborative has selected students of Kings High School to paint rain barrels for its second Rain Barrel Art Project. The Rain Barrel Art Project which is hosted by the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is a joint effort to educate the community about water conservation and pollution caused by storm water runoff, according to a release.

Artists from all over the Ohio River Valley whose artworks were selected are working on the rain barrels. The students of Kings High School are painting 2 of 50 rain barrels for the project. Mary Claire Bauman, Claire Middlekamp, Kianna Vires and Brooke Conner will be working on the Rain Barrels with KHS art teacher Carrie Cooke.
The completed barrels will then be displayed at Cincinnati Zoo’s Go Green Garden during the month of April 2014. Sophia Cifuentes, Sustainability Coordinator at the Cincinnati Zoo, talking about their involvement said, “The Zoo is thrilled to be hosting the rain barrel event once again. As the Greenest Zoo in America, we are always looking for ways to inspire our community to take action that can impact the environment in positive ways.”

The grand finale to the event is the Rain Barrel Art Auction scheduled on April 24th, 2014. The painted rain barrels will be auctioned during the Party for the Planet event hosted by the Zoo. The funds from the auction will be used for conservation education in the Ohio River Valley.

The Rain Barrel Art Project was created to promote the use of rain barrels throughout the Ohio River Valley area via an entertaining yet educational medium. Though rain barrels conserve water and save money, people are less likely to use them given their dull appearance. SaveLocalWaters.org believes that producing beautiful artistic rain barrels will make them more desirable and increase public interest.

The Regional Storm Water Collaborative created savelocalwaters.org to utilize mass media and shared resources in order to better raise awareness concerning environmental quality issues in the Ohio River Valley. For more information regarding the Rain Barrel Art Project or SaveLocalWaters.org, contact John Nelson, Public Relations Specialist, at 513-772-7645 or visit the website at: http://savelocalwaters.org/rain-barrel-art-project .

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