Marching Band ends another season

Savannah Donaldson

S. Donaldson

Marching BandTwenty hours a week.

That’s the minimum a marching band member at Kings High School can expect to work. In other words, take all the hours you attend school, study, do homework, and add a part-time job. Kings band members work just as much as a student who would work a job outside of school.

But a quick look around the Kings band room show the fruits of this hard labor, with multiple awards and trophies. But beyond the hours, what makes a marching band successful? How does Kings continue to show excellence through music?

As the band season comes to an end, Declan Hayden, a drumline member and junior at Kiings, reflected on the recent long and challenging season.

“This year might be the last year of marching band for me, depending on what the directors decide, and I honestly don’t really know what my life would be like without Kings drumline,” Hayden said, “It basically shaped my entire lifestyle at this point. And as a person. So it kind of was my home, and is my home.”

Marching Band is a big commitment for all students involved. Band members start their work in the summer and continue until mid-November. Students work four days a week, practicing in small groups with other students in the same section as them, then as an entire band.

“Success directly correlates with commitment. Commitment to the team, to rehearsal, to each other and to the art is the most Marching Band 2important indicator of success,” said Brian McDonough, the marching band’s director.

This year the band placed 1st in the OMEA state competition and competed in multiple others, earning top honors in their class and proving that Kings marching band has created a successful program.

“If you work really hard, you probably will be successful in the future,” Hayden said, “If you’re happy with the result afterwards then you know you were successful in the past.”

Before earning those 1st-place titles and multiple competitions, a lot goes on behind the scenes. Most people casually watching the band at football game halftime may not realize the work that goes into being perfectly synced, connected, and working all together to put on a memorable show.

But now the season has ended, as as always, the end can be emotional.

“The best accomplishment we had this year, however, is that we created and brought to life a show that had meaning beyond music and visual art,” McDonough said, “ We were able to connect to each other, to ourselves as individuals and to our audience through our performance.”

And now, it’s time to look ahead to next year. Kings Marching Band will start again in June.

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