Senior Edition 2016

As the Class of 2016 looks toward their last official week of school before graduation, The Knight Times is releasing the annual “Senior Superlatives.” Based on a survey to which about 150 seniors responded, here are the results. Stay tuned for the complete Senior Edition of The Knight Times, coming next week. Read on to see who won each individual superlative category …

Mr. & Miss KHS

David Weed and Emily Lima

Mr and Mrs



Most School Spirit

Emily Lima and Jack Delehanty

Most Spirit




Most Athletic

Rachel Bernard and Jared Dorsa

Most Athletic



Most Talented

Maddi Kilgore and Grant Abbott

Most Musical



Most Artistic

Jenna Lace and Alex Egan

Most Artistic



Most Likely to Succeed

Julia Woodall and Michael Braun

Most Successful


Most Talkative

Ellie Jelinek and David Weed

Most Talkative



Most Likely to Make You Laugh

Kaity Frederick and Chad Handorf

Make You Laugh




Hannah Chunn and Ricky Brayton




Best Legs

Kianna Vires and Jake Bedinghaus

Best Legs



Best Smile

Jenna Lace and (tie!) Ben Ingling/Jared Dorsa

Best Smile


Best Dressed

Katana Wilde and Alex Egan

Best Dressed



Dynamic Duo

Simon Melton and Jack Delehanty

Dynamic Duo


Best Friends

Katie Hacker and Claire Middlekamp




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