Back to School: 2016
Military Week, and a Dance Team benefit


Kings High School students will be spending the entire week honoring those who serve in the military- with many festivities to entertain including a food drive, the selling of military flags, and an appreciation dinner.

Kings High School’s Dance Team has spent the last few weeks selling flags to members of the Kings community. These flags cost $2 each and will be displayed throughout the lawns of both the high school and the junior high.  

These flags cost $2 each and feature the name of someone who served on each of them. Their goal is to sell 2403 flags, one to represent each of the members who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor is especially important for the Dance Team members as they will be travelling to Hawaii in March to perform at the Pearl Harbor Memorial sight.

The proceeds from the flags will go in part to the dance team to support their trip, and partially to the Yellow Ribbon Support Center & Foundation.

The Yellow Ribbon Support Center & Foundation is a local organization that has awarded over $400,000 in scholarships & sent over 21,000 care packages to our troops serving at home and abroad since 2004. Some recipients of care packages are our very own Kings Alumni.

Gabi Holland, a member and officer of the Varsity team will be going to Hawaii in March with the team.

“I’m so excited to be selling flags to support the team and honor the lives lost at Pearl Harbor,” Holland said. “It’s going to look so cool when all the flags are up next to each other, honoring veterans.”

That’s not the only event going on at the Castle this week. Throughout the week students have the opportunity to dress up in various outfits to commemorate different branches of the military. But, there’s a catch. In order for someone to dress up, they have to donate an item for the package the Kings School district will be sending overseas. There’s a variety of food items including different foods, health and beauty items, games, and various other miscellaneous items.

The festivities will end on Friday night, honoring various members of the armed forces at the football game. In addition, the Kings Cheerleaders will be offering a dinner beforehand for people who served, police officers, firefighters, and their families. For veterans, the dinner is offered for free. In addition to the dance team’s funds, some of the funds will be donated to the Yellow Ribbon Support Center & Foundation.

Megan Wagner, a member of the team, said she is honored to be serving people who formerly served us.

“It’s so great that half of the proceeds will help troops across America, Wagner said.

Those interested in finding out more or participating in any of the events can follow this link.


By Amber Mitchell

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