Winter Pep Rally

Article by Rachel Onega


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On Friday, February 2, 2018, Kings High School had their third pep rally of the school year. All administration and students were invited to the gym for an hour at the end of the day because of an early release schedule. This assembly was to honor and highlight most winter sports.

First, the cheer team performed to a mashup of songs. Afterwards, on the sidelines, they cheered the whole time to help everyone get excited.

The varsity dance team performed next to an Olympic themed routine for the opening of the winter Olympics on Friday, January 9. This seemed to have a very positive effect on the crowd as they cheered them on. Haley Loveless, Kings freshman, says this was her favorite part of the pep assembly on Friday, January 9. Their dedication to practicing their routine shined because they did not drop any flags and they all stayed in line. 

Next up, a quiz team styled contest pitted players on various winter sports against each other. This showed teams coming together and helping each other win at the same time as being against each other.

In the final activity, administration bought McChickens from Mcdonalds and asked any students who wanted to to have a contest to eat as many as they could in a minute. The most anyone could eat was half. The leftovers were thrown into the crowd and whoever caught them could have it.

All throughout this hour, some of the staff and basketball players were playing against each other and the pep assembly ended with the students winning a close game.

These assemblies bring the whole school together for something fun everyone can participate in. Loveless says, “activities like this help you see your friends you might not have classes with”. They are a way to cheer on your fellow classmates and friends as they may be a part of some of these sports.


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