Get Involved

 Anna Muenchen

SP-AnnaSitting in the auditorium as a freshman, I listened as Seniors said “I wish I would’ve gotten more involved.” As a freshman I believed I would get involved early. But I didn’t. I believed I wouldn’t have any regret. And I do. I didn’t realize that getting involved is easy and life changing.

As a freshman and sophomore, I wish I hadn’t focused so much on the sports I played. I wish I would have tried new things, participated in clubs outside of my comfort zone, put effort in clubs that promote social change, joined clubs to meet new people and learn new things, to grow and change. I didn’t participate until I was an upperclassmen, and I felt like it was too late.

I was afraid I wouldn’t find a club I was interested in, but the clubs I’m involved in now found me! Kings High School offers 33 different clubs. There are so many options and you are sure to find one you are interested in.

Are you interested in the environment, government, sports or debate? What about hitting the slopes or having a paintball war? Do you like super heros or football? Are you passionate about gender equality? Interested in hanging out with other Christians on Friday mornings? Are you fluent in a language? Do you want to help  provide an education to a child living in Uganda? Do you want to be a part of an equality alliance? What about spreading awareness about drug safety and teen dating violence? Have you ever wanted to learn how to knit? Whatever your interests are, there’s a club for that! And if there’s not, you can start one. It’s easy!

There are only 4 steps. One, fill out the form found  in the main office. Two, get a teacher to become the club’s supervisor. Three, turn the form in and wait for it to be approved. And four, make announcements to get the club running once its approved. With these 4 simple steps there’s no excuse not to be involved in something. But if your still not fully convinced, let me tell you that if you join a club, it’s not a giant time commitment.

Most clubs only meet once a week, every other week, or once a month. In fact, the average club meeting doesn’t last longer than an hour and they are right after school.

Speaking of school, did you know colleges not only look at grades but that they want a well rounded student? This means they look at the extracurricular activities too. These activities include clubs! Participating in clubs you start to see a change in your community.

Clubs make an impact.

When you get involved in a certain club, look at the core values of its organization. Does the club bring change to some social, economic, spiritual, or physical issue? Is there a leadership position available in the club? Are there funds that need to be raised and if so how much? Is the club a good use of time? Will you meet new people and experience growth as an individual?

Act locally, think globally is the focus of the Unified for Uganda club. As a member, this club has helped me with leadership roles, public speaking, acting for the greater good and learning about bettering the world beyond my personal bubble.

Girl Up has also inspired me to reach out far beyond my bubble to help the girls living in places where it is hardest to be a girl.

The Teen Alliance Council has taught me to always lend a hand, to create a culture of non-violence by promoting primary prevention through education, building community resources, influencing systemic change, and community awareness.

Lacrosse and Tennis have created inseparable bonds; the friends I never thought I’d make seem more like sisters. We broke the number one high school rule, cliques. The bond I have with my teammates doesn’t end. It extends to the coaches who have written me letters of recommendation, gone out to eat with me and the team, and have been there for me through thick and thin. Indoor track, gave me friends that I would have left in high school as just faces in the hallway, had I not participated.

National Honors Society has strengthened my bond with the community. Through tutoring young kids, organizing toiletry drives, and best buddies club, NHS has really showed me community service is fun!

Student Government allows me to hear all voices of Kings, and act in ways that makes Kings what our district strives to be, creative and innovative.

These clubs have made such a difference in my life!

When you join a club, you are sure to find that it makes an impact on you and without knowing it, you’ll leave your footprint for others to follow.