Jordan “we love him but don’t tell him we said that” Cornelison


Autumn Andrew, Staff Writer

For his senior prank, he got together with friends and placed posters all over the school:  “We do not JUUL at Kings High School. Bathrooms are for urination only.”

He also has an ongoing joke with his choir friends and Mrs. Milthauler, the choir teacher. He tells me, “Bad boys get marked.”

It applies with girls, too. He walks to choir, takes out a sharpie, clicks his pen over and over, marking boys and girls along the way.

Mrs. Milthauler greets him. Wordlessly and without expression, he marks her arm and walks away. This continues daily. He sees Mrs. Milthauler and tries to mark her arm when she least expects it. “I have to watch my back now. I’m afraid she’ll come up behind me and draw on me, but I still draw on her,” says Jordan.

“Jordan has marked me many times. Every time he shouts ‘Bad girls get marked!’” says his close friend Trinity Acree.

Jordan is the kind of guy most people know. Even people he doesn’t  know will come up to him and say hi. If only everyone could understand the humor in him. Trinity says there’s always a mark on her arm because of him.

His close friends tend to describe him as funny, generous, and annoying. Jordan laughs when his friends call him annoying. He knows it’s in a friendly way. Many people point out that Jordan isn’t one of the people who try too hard to impress others. He’s just funny for being himself. That proves his pure personality is enough.

Although most of the time Jordan doesn’t intentionally make everyone laugh, he has a lot of funny experiences. During freshman year, Jordan accidentally hit the assistant principal’s daughter in the head with his locker. The next year, all of his books and binders fell out of his locker, right on her head. “I started to realize that she doesn’t really have the best luck around me.”

One day, this year, when school was finally over, Jordan was trying to get out of the parking lot. “I was driving close behind this one car because they were driving slow. Next thing I know, they come to a sudden halt, then I rear ended them,” he says. He could tell the person he rear ended was a girl, so they pulled over to talk, and it was her. The assistant principal’s daughter.

Most of the things you’d typically hear about Jordan are something funny he’s done, or how he performs in theatre. Jordan has been in three shows since he started. His first performance was Guys and Dolls. “I probably wouldn’t be a part of it if Mr. Hayward didn’t pull me to the side to talk to me about it,” says Jordan.

A student dropped out of the show, and there was a spot to fill, so when it was offered to him, Jordan took it. He started as a minor role in the show, and over time he worked his way up to one of the major roles. He really wanted to be a major part, and he says Trinity really helped him out with it when he got the opportunity.

Trinity thinks he progressed very well between his junior and senior year. “I think he aged like, 10 years,” says Trinity.

Jordan came off as really lazy to Trinity at first. She admitted that she was wrong about him completely.

Although he’s only been in three shows, Jordan has done well in theatre. Jordan is thinking about minoring in theatre arts and hopes that maybe he could teach it.

“Jordan is really good in theatre. He’s really good at singing and dancing–maybe not so much dancing, but I can’t dance either so…,” says Guy Cooper.  

Guy has been hanging out with Jordan for quite some time, and they even started a friend group together: FIF.

FIF hangs out every Friday with the purpose of creating fun adventures. It all started when Jordan was driving a little over the speed limit with his friends in the car and he ended up getting pulled over. “The cop who pulled us over ended up asking if we were planning on eating tide pods to which we replied ‘Do you recommend it?’ and he said yes! We got off with a warning.”

From there, they decided to hang out every friday. “It’s the day we have where we can stay out as late as we want. We just got out of school. It’s something to look forward to,” says Guy.

Jordan is the kind of guy you want to be friends with. The kind of guy that can always make you smile.