Andrew, Senior


“My social awkwardness bothers me the most. It’s annoying to have to keep talking to people as part of everyday life. Being awkward–that’s just very difficult. I think the part I like about myself the most is being captain for the Super Smash Bros. Esports team for school. I love the game Smash Bros. and being able to help teach other people the game and watch them grow and learn in the game is a great experience. I think that in the world itself, there probably isn’t any noticeable difference I can make. But I feel like I could make an impact on a more personal level with a couple of people, I guess, just being there for them and helping them get through whatever they need. I think climate change is a bigger problem I’d like to fix. It’s a fast-approaching problem and currently, not a whole lot has been done about it. It’s just shoved to the side. We’ll figure it out later. Later is going to be too late.”