‘Chem Club’ a KHS first

Chem club

Helaine Berman

H. Berman

Clubs are an important part of Kings Schools. They offer students an opportunity to look further into subjects they are interested in and a chance to meet others with similar interests. A unique aspect of Kings is that students can create a club for almost anything. Kings High School’s newest club is Varsity Chemistry Club.

The club was created by juniors Leila Ashworth and Rachel Lehn. Ashworth said she wanted to make a club for students interested in Chemistry.

“There were no science clubs at the high school and I thought there should be something for people interested in it,” she said. “I wanted a club that would help students thinking about going into Chemistry and other sciences.”

The first meeting was Thursday, Sept. 19, and the club will normally meet once a month in Room A102. During the first meeting the club roasted marshmallows on Bunsen burners, but that will not be the norm for the Club, Ashworth said..

“Most of the time we’ll be doing various experiments that we don’t have time for during class,” she said. “They’ll be more complex, but they’ll also be more fun.”

Lehn, the other captain, is also interested in science.

“I want to learn more about chemistry, and this club will help me and other students.” she said. “I also think this will look good on my college application.”

Another important aspect of club is the sense of community it builds. Lehn hopes that this club will bring students together.

“I want this club to be a place that unites students who love science, and help them figure out what they want to do after high school”

Even though clubs are started by the students; a teacher needs to sponsor it. Varsity Chemistry Club is currently sponsored by long-term Chemistry substitute, Rita Patel.

“I think chemistry club is a great opportunity to show that science is fun, and not just about microscopes and numbers,” she said.

Chemistry is just one branch of science, but Patel thinks that all citizens should be knowledgeable about some sort of science.

“Science is going to be more important in the future and the more citizens know the better off they’ll be.”

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