Holiday Films
See some movies this break

Valerie Hamilton

V. Hamilton

Winter is brewing and so is winter movie season, so what movies are in store for us over the break?

This movie season is surprisingly lacking Christmas spirit, but the lack of spirit is compensating by the amazing movies coming out and the star power. You will love what is in store for us this break. Go see some movies with your family.

December 19

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Synopsis: Larry (Ben Stiller) is back in the museum, but this time the museum is going through changes, a change in venue. What will happen when the museum stuff is shipped off to England?

My Prediction: Although this is Robin William’s last piece before his passing, I do not believe this movie will be good quality. The previews do not look that funny, and that doesn’t say much for the movie, as the trailers are usually made with the most funny parts of the movie, to draw people in. For this one, it seems that it is going to be dud by looking at the trailer. 


Synopsis: Annie (Quvenzhané Wallis) is an orphan who lives in the big city. One day while chasing her dog, she almost gets run over by a car. Will Stacks (Jamie Foxx), who is running for mayor, ends up saving her from her untimely death. She ends up boosting his ratings in the polls, so what will he do to boost his pictures more?

My Prediction: Quvenzhane Wallis got a Golden Globe nomination for her role in this movie. Although I am not sure if the movie will be any good. It looks like it may just be a rehash of the original movie, but this time set in the inner city instead of suburbia. It could be nice with the new songs, but it will depend all on the acting from the rest of the cast.


December 25


Synopsis: This movie tells the true story of an army flyer named Louis Zamperini (Jack O’Connell) who was an Olympic runner, until he joins the war during World War II. During the war, he ends up getting shot down and imprisoned in a Japan prison. What will happen to him?

My Prediction: I actually am really excited for this movie. The story seems very passionate and I believe that will be good if the direction goes well. This is Angelina Jolie’s first direction debey, and I am excited to see how she does.

Into The Woods

Synopsis: All the fairytales come together for one epic tale. This movie will be just like the musical, except in a cinema form. There is so many stars in this movie, it is jammed packed.

My Prediction: I am so excited to watch this movie. This movie has three Golden Globe Nominations, and that is a lot more than I expected from this movie. The star power is extraordinary, and I feel like the special effects will be amazing. This is worth a see, and I hope it does win some of the nominations that it received.

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