Rhythm of Life
2013 grad makes Indie-Folk scene

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Emily Conway

E. Conway

For many, it can take years to make something of themselves in this world, but there are few talented people who get a head start right out of high school.

Emilie Creutzinger, a 2013 Kings grad, is already on her way to fame. With her beautiful singing voice, and incredible musicality, Creutzinger makes up half of an Indie-Folk duo called Edward & Jane.

The duo is completed by Timothy Carpenter, a 2013 graduate of Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy. Together, Creutzinger and Carpenter have been making music for years.

Both Creutzinger and Carpenter began taking singing seriously in high school, on the worship team at their church. They then joined an Indie-Folk band called The Emmerson Project, which led them to where they are today.

After graduating high school, both enrolled at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, where they continued to play with their old band, meet new people, and find new venues to play at.

“Marketing and meeting new people was one of the biggest things we could have done and are still doing to get us where we are today,” says Creutzinger.

Edward & Jane has been together since April of 2014. Not even a year later, the duo already has an EP, “Grow,” on iTunes, and is working toward recording a full album.

In her time here at Kings, Creutzinger became very invested in the choir department. Choir director Hope Milthaler feels a sense of pride in that her students can become so successful after leaving her.

“I love seeing how the kids I get to know keep music in their lives when they leave these walls. It never ceases to amaze me,”

Milthaler is truly happy to have been given the opportunity to teach Emilie and get to know her.

According to Milthaler, “Emilie was absolutely beautiful, inside and out. She was a light in every day. Ha, even when she cried she smiled!”

Edward & Jane are currently in a competition called ArtistSignal, in which they have the opportunity to win $10,000. According to Creutzinger, this money will go toward the recording of their new album. The winner is chosen solely based on votes, which can be cast at http://www.artistsignal.com/edwardandjanemusic

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