Oscar Predictions: 2015

Valerie Hamilton

V. Hamilton

It is time once again for Oscars and to reward the amazing movies that have came out this year. This year there has been amazing movies that have overtook the plant with many laughs and cries. This year will be a hard one to predict as there has been so many movies out that have became above expectation, along with a wide range of emotion. From the sad nature of The American Sniper, to the funny moments of Birdman, so let’s get started.

Best Actor in a Leading Role

My Prediction: Michael Keaton has returned in a big way with Birdman. His acting in this movie was fantastic, and with this movie being so close to his actual life story with him being Batman, and that being his shadow. He really plays this character well and emerged once again as a fantastic actor that is honestly a fireforce to look out for in the future.

Dark Horse: Bradley Cooper is fantastic as an actor and he took on this role in a big way. You could see the struggle in his eyes as he took on an american sniper with a difficult choice. He was a human with complex feelings and understanding, but he was forced to feel. You can almost not tell that this is not a documentary with Bradley Cooper’s performance.

Who I Wish Would Win: Benedict Cumberbatch is a fantastic actor and he was amazing in his role. He was pretty much perfect casting, and he played the part flawlessly. I could not imagine this role being played by any other guy. He also was able to play the gay character perfectly. He did not make it too obvious and cliche so it was tasteful.


Best Actress in a Leading Role

My Prediction: Felicity Jones from The Theory of Everything is most likely to win this award. Her performance as Stephen Hawking’s girlfriend was accelerating and lovely. She was very believable in her role and made it very powerful.

Dark Horse: Rosamund Pike took on this role and made it work very well. She plays a crazy women and plays it well. She makes it work with all the amazing twists and turns.

Who I Wish Would Win: Rosamund Pike

Best Picture

My Prediction: Boyhood should and will win. This movie has been filmed over 12 years and still managed to stay together in the perfect way. The mere fact of this deserved the best picture. It is inactivated and a new way of doing things, so for that very fact it deserves recognition.

Dark Horse: Birdman is my dark horse, merely because Michael Keaton blew it out of the water. Now here is where I have to be honest, I really hated the ending, so as for me, I didn’t like the movie as much as others, but I do understand that the academy could likely pick Birdman.

Who I Wish Would Win: Boyhood

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