BPA helps mold futures


Billy Parton

B. Parton

Business Professionals of America, or BPA, is an organization focusing on the future employment of high school students in various fields. With over 40,000 members and thousands of chapters BPA’s goal is to create a more prepared and well-rounded workforce for the future of America.

Business management, office administration and information technology are the vocations at the heart of BPA.

Kings High School has been partnered with BPA for over seven years and has had students from Digital Media and Business classes place highly in a number of its competitions.

Instructors Kelly Shields, Reggie Holtry and Brittany Selhorst all have students entering in this year’s competition.

KHS junior Erin Gillott has the opportunity to have her original artwork be used as the headlining advertisement during BPA’s 50th Anniversary competition next year.

Gillott, pictured above, will be entering a poster showcasing BPA including her original competition logo which displays a few Boston landmarks.

“We are supposed to incorporate monuments of the city the competition is located in,” said Gillott.

Her logo includes the Freedom Trail and components of the clock located inside Faneuil Hall.

The opportunities offered by BPA have helped countless future employees gain the skills needed for their desired career paths, challenging both their intellect and people skills.

The benefits of Business Professionals of America cannot be refuted and KHS plans to stay connected to the association for many years to come.

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