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Carley Stelmack

C. Stelmack

Whiz Kids is a literacy based one-on-one tutoring and mentoring program for students in Kings’ three elementary schools. Joshua’s Place partnered with City Gospel Mission and the school administrators to make this program possible.

According to Nona Peyton, director of the program, the tutors come from a volunteer basis including, high school students, retired grandparents, and corporate executives throughout the community. Each tutor is spending an hour each week with their Whiz Kid.

“The tutors make such an impact on the students, but the tutors lives are changed as well. We like to say 1 hour a week = 2 lives changed,” said Peyton.

Whiz Kids takes place on Monday’s for JFB, SLE on Tuesday, and KME on Thursday. On Monday’s and Thursday’s the tutors travel to the schools, but on Tuesday’s the students are bussed to the South Lebanon Community Center.

Peyton added that the program was originally intended just for SLE and included only about 27 students. The program was so successful, most kids improving 3-6 curriculum grade levels, that they were approached by the other two elementary schools.

The program has skyrocketed since then and now there is a total of 80 Whiz Kids getting one on one tutoring.wkids

J.F Burns second grader, Melanie Johnson, is a first year Whiz Kid, and is really enjoying it.

“It helps me in school and I seem to be improving,” said Johnson.

The kids come to Whiz Kids right after school and are provided a healthy snack and several different activities until their tutors arrive at about 4 and are with their tutors from 4-5.

“I love to see the relationships develop between the tutor and the student. The Kids can’t wait till it is Whiz Kids day, so they can see their tutor,” said Peyton.

To learn more about Joshua’s Place and Whiz Kids you can visit these sites:

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