BPA moving on to state


Reagan Heck

R. Heck

Business Professionals of America, otherwise known as BPA, has allowed for students to create their own project with specific guidelines and present their creation to a group of judges.

Kelly Shields and Cassandra Barnes are the DMA teachers in charge of BPA. 

BPA is a program where students have the opportunity to create a project and present their work in front of judges. “BPA is a student organization that allows students to have real world experiences the through competition,” Shields said.

The top winners in each category will move on to state, and the top winners of state will move on to Nationals which takes place in Anaheim California.

Creating a project to present in front of a panel of judges may seem like a scary experience to have, however it helps out the students and teachers. “Its nerve wracking, but beneficial to have an experience like that while still in high school,” Shields said.

David Lehn, Jack Massey, Katrina Kessler and Michael Phelan took part in the Video Production event, promoting the National School Lunch Program.

Massey, Lehn, Kessler and Phelan competed and won first place, allowing their team to move on and compete at the state level with the ultimate goal of winning at the national level. .

Lehn, a junior at Kings is going off to state with his group, and hopes to continue with making videos later on. “I chose this event because it is my passion to make videos. I want to be making videos for my career one day,” Lehn said.

Lehn’s experience with BPA has been somewhat of an adventure. “My favorite part of BPA was when my group and I got to present our project to the panel of judges. It feels good to show your creation to other people and get a response from them,” Lehn said.

Every group goes through difficulties, some greater than others. “Our biggest obstacle was when Jack dropped the hard drive with all of our files on it as we were leaving school the day before the competition. So our whole video had to be put together overnight. Jack and I worked until the sun rose the next morning and we had to leave for the competition,” Lehn said.

Through all the hardships, Lehn, Massey, Kessler, and Phelan managed to make it to to the top. “My group and I feel great knowing that all the hard work paid off,” Lehn said.

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