POTH tradition continues


Carley Stelmack

C. Stelmack

On Saturday, Feb. 28, the CIS 5th and 6th graders carried on a thirty-plus year tradition, Puttin’ On The Hits. POTH is a lip-syncing competition where students are asked to create a routine and lip sync to the song. The event was held in the KHS auditorium.

According to Trisha Sunderhaus, director of the program, a total of 17 groups performed.

Students had been practicing their routines since the beginning of January and had their first chance to perform in front of a live audience on Friday, Feb. 26 at “Preview Night.” Preview Night gives the kids a chance to practice on stage and in front of an audience before the big night. 

“It is a fun and creative activity, which requires teamwork, discipline, and helps with fundraising for the school, which directly helps the students and teachers,” said Sunderhaus.

Sunderhaus also stated that the groups are judged by workers from the entertainment dept. at Kings Island. Kevin??????????????????????????????? Brunk is manager of entertainment at the park and brings along 3 additional judges with creative roles.

“They volunteer their time and we are so grateful for their continuous support”

6th grader, Mckenna Thibodeau, is a first year participant and believes she has learned teamwork and discipline through POTH.

“My favorite part is getting to hang out with my friends, learning new things, and getting to dance and perform”

Sunderhaus has put in a lot of hard work to make this night happen and she loves getting to see the show come together.

“There are great performances from these kids and lots of smiles from the audience and participants”

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