Chamber Choir
Spirit of St. Louis


Savannah Donaldson

S. Donaldson

When it comes to spreading the love of music, Kings Chamber Choir knows how to do it.

On Feb.26, Kings Chamber Choir decided to take off early to start their journey to St. Louis, Mo. on a three-day and two-night retreat.

View performances from the trip.

Chamber Choir is an auditioned choir group at Kings comprised mostly of Juniors and Seniors along with a few sophomores and one freshman. 

Every other year the choir will travel around with an objective that calls for touring, visiting universities, working with music professors, all while seeing some landmark spots.

“I think St. Louis is a great city, and one that everyone should visit sometime during their life. Proximity to Ohio was also a factor. Getting to work with Professor Eichenberger at University of Missouri-St. Louis was crucial to the finalIMG_1650 decision,” Hope Milthaler, the choir director, stated.

The choir spent three days and two nights, coming back late Saturday night. They kept a very busy schedule to ensure that all their goals were met in seeing certain people and attractions, all while having a good time.

On the first day the choir spent time visiting and getting a tour of Xavier University along with having a musical clinic with Chris Albanese, a doctoral student at Xavier and a acclaimed tenor.

One the second day the choir had tour of the fine arts program at University of Missouri St. Louis and met with Richard “Ike” Eichenberger, a retired choral teacher in the Ferguson-Florissant school district and on staff at Univ.

Afterwards they were able to expand their musical information further with singing in different environments, including Christ Church Cathedral, a place very different from the typical choir room. Afterwards the students were able to explore the St. Louis City Museum which is described as an electric mixture of a children’s playhouse, funhouse, surrealistic pavilion, and architectural marvel made out of unique, found objects.

On the third and final day the choir was able to visit a very important landmark in St. Louis, the gateway arch. The students were able to ride up to the top and shop around at the bottom before going t lunch then heading home.

Though the choir travels every other year, Niki Walter, a KHS senior, was able to share her experience in her final year of high school with her class touring St. Louis and even remembers when the choir went to Nashville, Tennessee.

“Nashville was such a fun experience, being able to see colleges such as Belmont and what they had to offer in the musical department,” Walter said. But that didn’t stop her from getting excited for a new location this year. “I’m really looking forward to hearing the choir inside of the cathedral.”

As for where the choir will go in a few years, were not sure, but, we know it’ will be a learning experience along with memories we’ll always remember.

“I think we have new experiences and that’s something cool to say now that we’re back,” said sophomore Morgan Reece on her first trip with chamber choir.

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