Dead Serious About Life


Grace Wolf

G. Wolf

One of the most tragic, sensitive topics nowadays is teenage suicide. It’s a tragedy that most high schools, at some point, must face head on, as statistics show that approximately 1,439 teens attempt suicide every day.

Established in 1990; Mishpachah (Mish) Inc. has created a musical entitled “Dead Serious About Life” that raises awareness towards everyday teen issues- including self-harm, alcoholism, pregnancy, sex, and suicide.

“Mishpachah” is a Hebrew word that means family or clan, and this corporation has definitely showcased how close-knit they all are. The group has been together since 1982, but up until 1989 they were run by a church. To convey their radical message to a broader audience, Mish broke off from the church and is now considered a non-denominational Christian organization.

Mish Inc. has traveled to over 15 states to perform “Dead Serious” after starting in Mason. The group is a non-profit organization that is self-funded and governed by a board of trustees and officers. Sami Rook, a sophomore at Kings, is a technician for the show. However, Mish consists of members from 20 different churches and nearly 30 schools.

Rook became involved with this organization through her cousins, who are actors in the show. Her inspiration for helping out backstage is her passion for helping others.

In early February, the halls of KHS were decorated with posters for the musical, a show at Mason Jr. High on Feb. 7. Anne Neal, a friend of Rook’s, found the show very empowering, also very relatable to countless teenagers and her personal life.

“I have also dealt with the loss of a dear friend of mine, its one of the most eye opening experiences anyone could have,” Neal explains. “You really don’t know how other people are feeling on the inside until you open yourself up towards them.”

The plotline of the show revolves around one big party while parents are out of town. All of the characters have their own set of problems that are exposed during the show, including a character who commits suicide. This show is very personal and triggering; but equally as heart warming. The show doesn’t have a rating, but the title hints that viewer discretion is advised.

“My overall message I have learned through working with Mish is that your life is worth it. Everything you do affects others, and this play really demonstrates that,” Rook says.

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