Make way for ducklings


Alexa Murray

A. Murray

In the past, freshman have observed praying mantii develop through their life cycles. This year, they have swapped out those critters for fluffy creatures that are decidedly more cute.

Ducks. Named Rudolph, Flower, E.T. Duckwan, and these newly hatched ducklings are a part of “Science as Inquiry” standards, with students keeping observational journals. They have also learned a good deal about incubation–these four were the only ones to hatch from a batch of thirteen.

The engineering students will be getting involved too, eventually designing water slides for the ducks.

When the ducks get older, they will be released on the farm of Erin Bean, Kings High School science teacher.

One of the ducks, Rudolph, was born with clubfoot, but thanks to some cardboard splints made by teacher Tammi Snell they have adjusted and are indistinguishable from the others — meaning “Rudy” will now be able to survive when released.

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