Teaching Tots
Young 5: ‘The gift of time’


Maggie Cunningham

M. Cunningham

All over the United States, leaders are embracing the importance of early childhood education in the success of American students. And the earlier, the better.

This fall, Kings will be introducing a new “Young 5” program for chronologically young students that would benefit going to a half-day educational program, and then going to full-day kindergarten the following school year.

The half day “Young 5” program will be structured the same as the Kings Kids 4-5 year old 5-day preschool program. The curriculum administered will be the Ohio Early Learning and Developmental Standards, as followed by many other preschool programs.

JF Burns Principal Cheryl Montag believes that this program will give the students a great advantage in their learning careers.

“This program is designed for children who have had limited exposure to preschool curriculum and is great resource for parents who are seeking another year of academic and developmental growth for their child,” she said. 

Capping at 20 students, students can enroll if they turn 5 between July 1 and Sept. 30, and that the parents understand that the following year the student will attend full-day kindergarten.

The future is very optimistic for the student’s success in the program and will continue to positively affects the student’s academic success throughout their years in school.

“Research shows and we have seen that achievement gaps appear and widen over the years that children are in school. Giving children this additional year pays enormous educational dividends,” said Montag.

Kings Mills Elementary kindergarten teacher Ann Farris looks forward to kids walking into kindergarten with a stronger skill set.

“The gift of time is the best way for students to understand concepts and this program will help students transition from preschool to kindergarten more seamlessly.”

Though this program is tailored for children that are usually younger and typically haven’t had the kindergarten experience, Farris hopes that the parents can benefit from this program and have an opportunity to discuss and praise the students achievements.

“I’m excited for this program to be able to help utilize an opportunity for teachers to talk to the parents and reward their children and continue to grow their skill set before heading off into kindergarten.”

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