Haralamos shines on court


Grace Wolf

G. Wolf

“It was no surprise to me. Everyone in high school knew she would achieve great things,” said John Karabinus, former Lady Knight basketball coach, about his former player Katelyn Haralamos.

Haralamos, who graduated Kings in 2012, just recently finished her fourth basketball season as a student athlete at Wittenberg University with over 1,000 points – making her the tenth player in the program history to do so — one of whom is her college coach, Sarah Jurewicz.

Jurewicz agrees with Karabinus, and talked about how Haralamos has shown potential ever since she was a freshman at Witt.

“Seeing Katelyn achieve – and surpass – her 1,000th career point was no surprise to us as she has shown since her freshman year that she has the ability to score. Katelyn has the versatility to score a variety of ways…she was a very strong free throw shooter and was able to get to the free throw line a lot throughout her career.” 

The 1,000th point was scored during a free throw while the team was away at DePauw University – ranked #8 in the nation – in Greencastle, Indiana on Feb. 11th. To hit 1,000 points, Haralamos needed to score 12, yet she finished the game with an outstanding 21 points. The Wittenberg Tigers unfortunately lost to DePauw 58-62; however, Haralamos still walked away a winner.

“When I reached 1,000 I wanted it to boost the team’s morale and spirit, and it actually did. We played DePauw the best we’ve played them in all my four years. I wanted that point more than I’ve wanted anything before,” Haralamos says.

Overall, the season for the Tigers was very successful; they finished with a record of 24-7. The team won the NCAC conference tournament and advanced to the second round of the NCAA tournament.

“It was a thrilling and memorable year and we had Katelyn and her six other senior teammates to thank because of their leadership and dedication to the program,” Jurewicz says.

On and off the court, Katelyn has been an exceptional leader – starting out as a young 7th-grader playing for Coach Karabinus, also known as “Coach K.” Haralamos continued playing for Karabinus in her four years at Kings High School.

“The best advice I have for someone who wants to play college basketball is to just find a team where you feel you can fit in, make an impact, and go for it,” Haralamos says.

Karabinus highlighted her dedication and compassion for the sport. Karabinus attended the next home game where Haralamos was presented with a game ball in honor of her 1,000th point.

Jurewicz explains how having a love and knowledge for the sport was one of the main reasons Katelyn has been so successful through the course of her basketball career.

“Katelyn has a terrific IQ for the game of basketball combined with a true love of the sport. When you have that combination as a player you are able to make meaningful moments happen on the court both for yourself but, more importantly, for the teammates that play around you and Katelyn was able to do that over the course of her career,” Jurewicz explains.

Katelyn has a true passion for basketball and her teammates, fans, and coaches know how strong this love is.

“One of my main focuses this season was to always have fun. Very competitive athletes sometimes forget to have fun – just play and remember the reasons why you love the sport,” Haralamos says.

photo provided by Jenny Haralamos

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