‘Their Day to Shine’

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Grace Wolf

G. Wolf

Prom season is finally here – for all Kings High School students, including kids in the school’s Special Education department. On Friday, April 17, Lebanon High School hosted a daylight prom for students with special needs from all around the area; including Mason, Lebanon, Little Miami, Waynesville, Carlisle and Miamisburg. The theme was Hollywood.

For the Kings kids, the day started off in 2 separate rooms. In Angie Zlatic’s room the girls were getting prepped by having their hair and nails done by the teachers and student aids. In Jr. Ili’s room, they had “man cave”. The boys practiced how to politely ask girls to dance, and the result was very successful as all the boys, and girls, danced the day away with students from Lebanon. 

“It’s really cool to seeing kids without disabilities dance with the kids who have them. I love watching the kids having fun out there on the dance floor,” Zlatic says.

The day was filled with dancing, photo booths, food, and smiles. Student aid, Alex Tasker-Moore, reflects on her experience with the special needs kids.

“I love helping out with the kids because they are all genuinely great. Watching them get so excited about prom is one of the best rewards. This is their day to shine.”

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