KHS taps top seniors


Reagan Heck

R. Heck

Kings High School recently recognized its top three students of the Class of 2015 . Brooke Renner, recently named the Valedictorian, and the Co-Salutatorians, Luke Danko, and Annie Orr, all will be speaking at the school’s May 23 graduation at Xavier’s Cintas Center.

Renner, who plans to study Accounting and Finance at Ohio State University, was ecstatic when she found out she was Valedictorian. Knowing that all of her hard work paid off during high school was very rewarding. “I felt extremely thankful because there have been so many people that have pushed me, supported me, and allowed me to accomplish this,” Renner said. 

Although Renner doesn’t have her speech for Graduation written up yet, she does have a message for her classmates, “I want to make sure that each and every person in that arena knows that they have the capacity within themselves to accomplish great things and impact our world wherever they end up,” Renner said.

Renner said she wants to emphasize the importance of high school, and remind students that how they live now will affect them in their futures. “If you work hard now, you can do whatever you want later. The habits you set now are preparing you for your future degree of success,” Renner said.

The first Co-Salutatorian is Luke Danko. Danko is attending The University of Alabama next fall and plans on majoring in Chemical Engineering.

“When I found out I was Salutatorian, it was pretty exciting,” Danko said. With his passion for school, and motivation to excel in what he does, Danko was delighted to be rewarded for all of his hard work during his high school career.

Co-Salutatorian Annie Orr plans on attending Miami University next fall and majoring in Pre-Medicine.

Orr was thrilled when she found out she was Co-Salutatorian with Danko. “It was pretty exciting,” Orr said.

Danko and Orr chose to give a speech at Graduation, although they are not sure what their speeches will be about yet. Either separate or a joint-speech, both Danko and Orr are excited to give their message to their fellow classmates, teachers and parents at Graduation.

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