Don’t see ‘Mall Cop 2’

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 needs to be arrested … for poor movie-making quality.

Paul Blart (Kevin James) brings back the “classic” character of a ‘fat’ cop who works as a security guard. He is still working as a security guard, but he is now allowed to go on a vacation. Him and his daughter, Maya (Raini Rodriguez) go on a vacation to Vegas. Soon enough, they are able to run into trouble. Will Paul Blart be able to save the day? 

Valerie Hamilton

V. Hamilton

This movie makes me mad. It is one of those movies where I really just wanted to leave halfway through. There are so many more movies that I rather see, that don’t get the chance to even get a spot in the theaters. They deserve it, but instead this excuse of bad humor of fat shaming, bad dialogue, and action that honestly could be made by a twelfth grade DMA student and done better. Honestly, it makes me so mad that this movies exists. Don’t see it. I will judge you.

Knight Times Rating: .5/5 Shields


(Only because we don’t have a graphic for a 0 shields)

Unfriended makes me want to be friends with horror movies again.

This movie is about a bunch of teenagers who skype each other. They are cyber friends. Suddenly, one of their friends who passed away starts to get on the computer with them. They are showing creepy videos of their friend, and they are not allowed to log off or they die. They are forced to play games with the spirit or be killed. How will they get through this interesting encounter?

This movie is actually really good. Horror movies are hard to get through sometimes, as they are predictable. The concept in this movie is very unique and brings about a different spin on the horror genre. The dialogue is not the greatest but that is something I can forgive, because look at the horror movie Scream… Enough said. I think it is a movie you got to check out if you like horror movies. You will like it.

Knight Times Rating: 4 out of 5 Shields


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