Meet KHS’ newest citizen


Carley Stelmack

C. Stelmack

KHS Junior, Malik Aktluov became a U.S citizen in February of this year. Aktluov is from Kyrgyzstan and has been at Kings since last September

Being a minor, he did not have to take a citizenship test because his dad was already a citizen. According to Aktluov if you are over the age of 18 it is required to pass a test to become a U.S citizen.

Since Akluov has been in the U.S for a little over a year it became very important for him to become a citizen for several reasons. Living in the U.S not being a citizen can hold you back from many things.

“It was important to me because you can vote, it will help with college, and you don’t have to constantly provide paperwork” 

Another KHS student, Weiming Jiang, is currently studying for his citizenship test.

Rhonda Allen-Harmen is the the ESL teacher at the high school. She helps students like Akluov and Jiang with their school work and becoming comfortable here at Kings. In previous years Allen-Harmen has taught Spanish, but recently took over this new title.

“I felt a need to be an advocate for international students,” said Allen-Harmen.

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