Engineering solutions

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L. Ashworth

Each year, members of Jason Shields’ Honors Engineering II class innovate solutions to issues in the district. The class, consisting mainly of seniors, follows participation in his Honors Engineering I class, both of which are able to earn students a dual credit at any college in Ohio.

Earlier this year, Shields was having a conversation with Wendy Longwell, one of the special education teachers at the High School, and she expressed the desire for her students to become more independent and able to move about the school without another person or guide helping them.

One important component of this independence would be the student’s ability to actually enter classrooms and open doors to their classes. So, the Engineering II class took that on as their project. They knew it needed to be something cost effective, minimally disruptive for the classroom setting, and easy for both the students and teachers to get acclimated to. 

The students split up into groups of two and three and began filtering through hundreds of ideas and possible 4

One group, consisting of seniors Tricia Jamieson and Beka Ortiz, settled on a system where the student would swipe a card on a box outside the classroom. When the car was sensed, another box inside the classroom would sound, alerting the teacher to come to the door. Below, you can see Tricia show this system in motion.

Now, the school district will view and select the best designs to enact them in our schools and, hopefully, allow for more independence in the lives of our students.

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