First at Augusta


Maddie DePaoli

M. DePaoli

Legends can come from anywhere, and Kings High School freshman Alex Swayne is preparing herself for just that.

Along with practicing religiously and taking lessons from coach Kevin Sullivan at Southwest Golf Ranch, Swayne is getting her fill of golf in other ways such as participating in a variety of tournaments and competition such as the Drive, Chip, and Putt Championship in Augusta, Georgia – home of The Masters Tournament.

Swayne said she was intrigued with the competition last year.

“I watched a friend of mine compete. So I wanted to try and make it.” 

On Sunday April 5, Swayne won overall 1st place at the Drive, Chip, and Putt Championship for her age group of 14-15. There are a total of 4 age groups ranging from 7-15 years old with 10 people per age group.

The competition is broken down into 3 skills: driving, chipping, and putting. 1st place is decided by who is the most accurate in each category using a point system, 1 being the lowest and 25 being perfect. Players can earn a max of 75 points.

It isn’t easy getting to the top, players must start as local qualifiers and work their way to subregional qualifier, regional IMG_20150422_103556qualifier, and finally to the championship final.

All players at the championship finals received a ticket to see the pros play a practice round the next day. 1st place winners in each skill received a trophy as well as the overall 1st place winner. Swayne has also had interviews with CBS and 700 WLW.

Winning isn’t everything though says Swayne. “I’ve learned a lot about me as a golfer, to learn to calm my nerves and a lot about who I am. I’ve also made a lot a friends too.”

With another achievement under her belt, Swayne has certainly opened many doors for her future. She’d like to play in college and possibly go pro and has already visited 4 universities.

Swayne plans on participating in the competition next year as well. Registration is available on

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