Senior Edition: 2015
Most Embarrassing Moments

The headline says it all. High school can be an awkward time, and we all will remember a few moments we wish we could just have back (note the prominence of falling among this year’s seniors). These and more from the Class of 2015:

Emily OkamotoIMG_7533
Passing out in Mrs. Contratto’s class.

Eli Elkins
That one time I didn’t look like an absolute God.

Patrick Meredith
Falling down very slowly.

Spencer Bultman
When I fell in the toilet because I expected the seat to be down freshman year.

Dustin Acree
Failing Algebra 2 and taking summer school. 

Valerie Hamilton
Sitting in a broken chair and it collapsing underneath me.

Emily Conway
Sprinting out of the nurse’s office after a girl puked next to me and the nurse had to chase me down the hallway.

Tricia Jamieson
I took a precalc quiz, it was honors mind you, it was impossible and I completely failed so I was stressed and started crying but then someone saw me so I started crying more because I was embarrassed.

Sarah Palmer
One day my freshman year, I went through the whole day not realizing I had a hole in my pants…I don’t think anyone noticed. Thank God.

Kylie Gay
The whole thing

Maggie Cunningham
Being the last one to show up for my AP test.

Tyler LeClair
Breaking a chair during a pep rally.

Jay Wilhem
Farting in Mrs. Snell’s class while having a discussion about farting.

Kelly Hietkemper
Mrs. Eldridge showed my group’s Spanish video of me singing and tripping over a log to every single class she had.

Logan Kirby
Falling asleep in class and having the teacher wake me up.

Cassidy Charneski
When I walked out of the bathroom in my underwear because I forgot to pull down my shirt.

Katrina Partin
Falling up the stairs but never down the stairs.

Chris Davis
Every moment.

Kyelie Cudnonohuske
Walking into the boys bathroom freshman year.

Brook Hemmelgarn
One time a guy walked into the girl’s bathroom and opened a stall door while I was in there.

Angelina Grosso
I dropped my calculator coming out of lunch in the middle of a huge crowd. All the batteries flew out and everyone was like “ohhhh”.

Rishika Akula
When I tripped up the stairs, freshman year, and every single person laughed.

Annie Orr
Being one of two senior girls to not make Almost Maine #IGuessISuck.

Emily Swanson

JT Grugen
I bombed an AP Chem practice test that everyone else did well on.

Luke Danko
That one time.

Paige Galberg
Accidentally dumping a bottle of chocolate milk on my boyfriend’s head at lunch.

Ariel Georgett
Passing out during a movie in Hennessey’s Gov class.

Megan Howard
When I walked around all day in a see through shirt and nobody told me they could see my bra (Freshman year).

Marysa Addis
Falling up the stairs-multiple times.

James Ruegsegger
Those things happened?

Josh Kuntz
In speech class I tried jumping on the stage but clipped my foot and fell in front of my entire class/Mrs. Thoman at 8th grade graduation called me “Josh Kuntz” but pronounced it like the cuss word.

Austin Seiter
Being convinced to ask Mrs. Eldridge to give me her underwear in Spanish.

Michael Sannalla
Junior Prom.

Mikayla Oury
When Mr. Guilfoyle yelled at me to put my phone away while I was putting it away. He yelled at me in front of the whole class.

Alison Breummer
I loved Mr. Weber’s class, but acting out as Juliet’s mother in a dress was not one of my favorite moments (Romeo and Juliet play).

Grant Stober
Accidentally cursed really loudly the second the class went silent.

Michael Albino
I wore short shorts to school for a Cross Country as sports day for Homecoming week

Alexandre Taillan
Rapping on Senior Reflection Night.

Heather Dole
Almost falling up the stairs and everyone behind me was just looking at me.

Megan Milligan
Tripping up the stairs.

Helaine Berman
I don’t have embarrassing moments, I have an embarrassing life.

L.J. Brant
My only B in highschool was Spanish.

Kelsie Findsen
When my leg gave out and I fell on the stairs.

Landen Phelps
Falling asleep and not waking up til next bell in study hall freshman year.

Lauren Williams
Tripping up the stairs.

Mason Constable

Madison Wallace
Definitely falling down the stairs TWICE.

Bryan Gray
Getting denied to go to homecoming.

Ashley Wise
Walking out of the bathroom with my skirt tucked into my underwear.

David Himes
When I described Maya Angalo as being “very warm” in Mrs. Wheelers class.

Helena MacRoberts
Freshman year falling up the steps in front of everyone and dropped all of my stuff.

Aimee Wilson
I fell going up the stairs a few times.

Becca Ulloa

Jessie Huneck
Tripping up the stairs in front of everyone.

Logan Mclennan

Edwardo Torres
When I totally forgot English in Mr. Hicks’ class when I was presenting a project

Jake Benning
Junior year presentation in Engineering, I choked so hard.

Jordyn Marable
Falling up the stairs and tripping in Uggs.

Eric Bergeron
None, I’m perfect.

Miranda Ellman
Everyone falling down the stairs at least once.

Brenna Gray
Got hit in the face with a biology textbook freshman year and fell down the stairs.

Jacob Meyer
When I lost my hand in Cloud City and threw a hissy fit at my dad.

Alex Palmieri
I didn’t have any, I’m perfect.

Emme Mattaridi
Freshmen year.

Shayla Shrenk
Although we were told where to go in Chinatown in New York, we went the wrong way and got lost for a few minutes.

Shelby Bachmann
Tripping on a steeple barrier during a track race and falling on my face into the water. And someone got a great picture of it.

Jayme Canton
I walked into the guys restroom on accident.

Sean McLeod
Accidentally walking into the girls restroom freshman year.

Luke Shriever
Throwing up in class.

Amanda Mikel
Falling out of my chair.

Jordan Cole
Breaking Mr. Holtrey’s door.

Brianne Gray
Running into Max Demumbrum my freshman year and not saying anything afterward. So awkward.

Steven Schutte
Forgetting to get the AP Psychology summer vocab and getting it the first day of school.

Sophia Post
Tripping up the stairs in a maxi skirt and the kid below say my spandex. Thankfully i had them on.

Jenna Maschino
I caught myself when falling down the stairs and a guy saw me fall. Later walking to lunch the same guy saw me and pointed to his buddy and said “that’s the girl that fell! Hey, are you okay?”

Nick Froehlich
Fell down the stairs on the first day

Bekah Burwick
When I came to school with a giant hole in my leggings on my booty and I didn’t notice until 5th bell and Mrs. Eldridge let me wear her sweatshirt until my dad brought me pants.

Halle Geoghegan
I didn’t know I had ice stuck on my boots one morning and was carrying my bookbag, a textbook, and a duffle bag, and slipped in front of 3 teachers and my stuff went flying and Mr. Robison yelled “Safe!”

Frederick Schweinlin
Freshman year, I tried to sweep my then girlfriend off her feet bridal style and dropped her on her butt.

Vincent Kremer
Probably crying in front of everyone.

Mckenzie Metzger
Freshman year was my first year at Kings, and my first day I fell on Billy Parton’s lunch table in the cafeteria.

Joe McCabe
The time I threw up in health class freshman year.

Kyle Pucke
When Mr. Brant always has those funny comments about me that he doesn’t care if he says in front of everyone but it’s not really embarrassing because I say stuff right back.

Jack Young
When I was at BPA for DMA and I said that our circular race track was basically an oval.

Taylor Tuggle
I exploded a purple pen all over the butt of my brand new white softball pants. I was a freshman on varsity and my coach screamed at me all while this guy I was basically in love with was watching.

Anna Mccullough
Falling up/ down the stairs a couple times.

Stew LeVan
Getting a speeding ticket during winter exams and losing my license for two months.

Benjamin Dreikosen
Crying when I thought I broke my foot sophomore year.

Samantha Marner
My backpack made my skirt ride up and people saw my butt.

Daniel Naughton
My time on the wrestling team.

Jordan Ruddy
Getting denied to prom…(then bringing a hotter Mason girl).

Carter Mott
Having Siri going off in class.

Armin Rajauskas
Talking about Big Bad Wolf for English project and instead of saying the Big Bad Wolf blowed the house down I had a Freudian Slip and said he blew the pigs.

Joe Ketterer
My first speech in speech class. It was terrible.

Andrew Watts

Bree Netherly
In Myth 2 this year friends and I were playing a game “flinch” where you video chat random people for 30 seconds. When my opponent showed up he screamed “sexy” and my volume was up so everyone in the class heard it and laughed…including Mr. Moore.

Brady Steward
Tripping down the stairs on my first day here.

Kelsi Schumacher
Tripping up the stairs freshman year.

Alex Dalton
I got kicked out of Mrs. Warren’s class for almost setting Matthew Heithaus on fire. It was pretty funny though.

Polly Denny
Tripping up the stairs or tripping on Emily’s scooter.

Avery Parcelli
In class, junior year I sneezed and peed myself. Nobody ever saw anything lol.

Sydney Mills
Sophomore year one of the boys at the next table over threw a potato that ended up hitting me on the head.

Garrett Dexter
When I accidently farted in Abrell’s class.

Brooke Albers
One day in AP Gov I was falling asleep and as I fell asleep, I moaned really loudly waking myself up and everyone started laughing at me.

Cassie Sutts
One day Junior year, I broke my glasses first bell and couldn’t wear them all day, then at lunch I spilt my milk all over myself.

Jimmy Koloseike
Nick Froelich kissed me in the halls and everyone saw.

Nic Wooten
Nick Froelich kissed me in the hall.

Colin O’Sullivan
When I fell asleep in study hall and woke up scared.

Hank McLeod
I almost picked up a tampon that a freshman girl dropped junior year.

Austin Oeder
I didn’t have any embarrassing moments inside of school.

Craig Mueller
My most embarrassing moment and yet I am super proud of it is the day Jordan Cole and I snapped Mr.Holtrey’s door in half and that it’s still not fixed.

H. Faith O’Leary
I’m too cool to get embarrassed.

Alex Tasker-Moore
I ripped the back of my prom dress Sophomore year.

Megan Scharner
Projectile vomiting in the car on my way to my second day of high school then promptly falling up the stairs once I got nerve.

Katie Feldstein
Tripping up the stairs thus causing my soda to explode and leak everywhere and then being late to class because Mr. Hicks was talking to me about Star Wars.

Goose Webster
I don’t have one cause I’m confident in everything I do.

Danielle Johnson
When I was walking up the stairs freshman year I tripped and a bunch of senior boys behind me saw and laughed.

Niki Walter
Face planting the stage when I tried to jump onto it and the whole Jr. High cast would say ‘don’t pull a Niki’ anytime someone fell after that.

By Reagan Heck

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