Senior Edition: 2015

IMG_7542“Getting by” is part of high school, and everyone navigates the system in their own way. Now that the Class of 2015 is leaving Kings, seniors “unburdened” themselves and divulged their greatest secrets to The Knight Times.

Josh Kuntz: I haven’t done a single piece of pre-calc and physics homework since 1st semester.

Joe Ketterer: I made up a lot of my quotes to make my paper better in my Wheeler lifestealer.

Alex Dalton: Elliott… I’m not a real lumberjack.

Jenna Maschino: I parked in the visitors parking lot all through winter. 

Polly Denny: I cheated on a few tests.

Megan Scharner: 2nd semester of junior year I never attended a full class period of honors precalc.

Tara Fears: I sleep with a stuffed animal every night.

Cassie Sutts: I never did any of my math homework.

Frederich Schweinlin: I only read the first chapter of “Sophie’s World.”

Austin Oeder: I have a cookie addiction, 6 a day during lunch.

Tevin McCall: I don’t eat school lunch.

Brianne Gray: Alyssa Wright, Kiley Maxwell and I are the ones who made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on Garrett and Kyle’s cars.

Brady Steward: I still use the new kid card to go into class late.

Sophia Post: I would come late to forensics everyday we had a test and sleep in my car.

Garrett Dexter: Mr Woodall… I used to put my notes in the recycle bin when I sat by it during tests.

Kyle Wegman: Sarah Willen… that was me that spit water on your phone at Cole’s.

Jared Wheeler: I parked in visitors a lot.

Sydney Mills: I didn’t know about the written part of Hestle’s summer assignment so on the first day of school I faked sick 7th bell so I could go home and finish it.

Avery Porcelli: I skipped 4 days a week 7th bell to go get mexican with Ashley Wise.

Katie Feldstein: It was Andrew, Dustin and I who kept putting photos of ourselves on Mrs. Southern’s wall.

Alex Tasker-Moore: I have a crush on Mr. Corradini.

Faith O’Leary: I got a tattoo and my parents still don’t know.

Craig Muller: I jousted in the band golf carts.

Hank McLeod: Contratto, all of your worksheet answers are online.

Carter Mott: I built a snowman on Jimmy Kolosike’s car and he still doesn’t know.

Sean McLeod: I accidently walked into the girl’s bathroom freshman year.

Ben Dreikosen: I never did any of my chemistry homework.

Stew LeVan: Sparknotes helped me pass every book test that I had.

Michael Albino: I was Eric this whole time.

Grant Stober: I had a Hannah Montana phase in middle school.

Alison Bruemmer: I only read 1-3 books during high school.

Michael Sannella: Mark is older than me.

Austin Seiter: I love my girlfriend.

Jenna Spiros: I have worn sweatpants every Friday since sophomore year.

Lauren Williams: I didn’t know what the whip was.

Landon Phelps: Zack Klinker and I ate so many airheads from when we worked the snack shop for Mr. Robinson.

Kelsie Findsen: Mr. Tilton it was me.

Ashley Wise: Skipping Friday’s second semester with Avery Porcelli to get mexican food.

Bryan Gray: I had a crush on Sarah Whillen.

Madison Wallace: I never did my own homework in precalc because of the groupme.

Helena MacRoberts: Wish I made more friends and had more fun.

Aimee Wilson: I left early 6th bell a lot when we had study hall.

Becca Ulloa: I leave early everyday.

Alex Palmeri: Jack McKelvey and I banged heads and got stitches and went to the emergency room at midnight and managed to not have coach Shearing notice the next day at practice.

Delaney Hoelle: My horse’s vet writes my doctor’s notes.

Shelby Bachman: Gabe Stacey- I love you.

Annie Morgenroth: Scott Hardesty- I love you.

Jake Benning: Groupme got me through senior year.

Eduardo Torres Dejesus: I insult teachers in Spanish whenever I get mad.

Jessie Huneck: I didn’t do any of my homework the whole second semester of AP government.

Matthew Heithaus: Not school appropriate.

Logan McLennan: I have only gone to 1 of the 5 detentions I have been given, sorry Burnside.

Jordan Marable: I wrote excuse notes for probably 40 different people this year.

Brennan Gray: I have made hot chocolate at school twice, and have warmed up food in Mrs Mithaler’s room.

Heather Dale: Every year I always would work hard in the first 3 quarters and not the last one.

Rachel Garritano: I failed an OGT with Sophia Post and Anna Wyant.

Alexandre Taillan: I haven’t told anyone that I am thankful for trying to help me with my problems. I also haven’t told people how I feel about them.

Helaine Berman: I park in visitors almost every morning.

L.J. Brant: I haven’t studied for a test since early sophomore year.

Sam Marner: One day me and a few girls had a “Ferris Bueller” day and called in sick and went downtown to the museum.

Daniel Naughton: I broke Alex Dalton’s pencil.

Taylor Tuggle: Junior year I went on the roof with my friend Claire Fonner after school.

Grace Reinders: My sophomore and senior year I always eat lunch with theory in Mrs. Warren’s room.

Carissa Kloeker: I copied a lot of my friend’s homework sophomore year.

Jordan Cole: I don’t know, I’m a very boring person.

Halle Geoghegan: I love Blake Bockrath’s muscles, and DeAndre Barnett has the best smile.

Emme Mattaridi: I did nothing dangerous and I regret it completely.

Shayla Schrenk: One time I thought the school day was over so I walked out to my car, but then I heard the bell ring for 7th bell so I walked back into school late to Mrs. Daggy’s class but no one ever noticed.

Marysa Addis: I always have overdue library books.

Brooke Renner: I have a copy of every single one of Steven’s tests.

Paige Galberg: I skipped 7th bell the Friday before prom to go get my nails done with my friends.

JT Grugen: I Sparknoted my way through sophomore Honors English.

Annie Orr: I was a part of a secret pizza party in Mrs. Warren’s class.

Mckaeli Garner: I wasn’t new to kings sophomore year I’ve gone to kings my entire life and I was actually just really quiet and unnoticed.

Rishika Akula: Freshman year, when I was complimented on a project I acted like I did it effortlessly but it actually took me all night to complete.

Angelina Grosso: Sometimes I would wear a sweatshirt and pull my hair to the side and listen to music in class.

Brook Hemmelgarn: I put all the post-it notes on the lockers when we came back from winter break.

Katrina Partin: I have read maybe 10% of all the books in my senior year.

Cassidy Charneski: Bekah Burwick and I made up a squad called B squad and Carl Schler was queen.

Jay Wilhelm: Mr. Wysong took my phone 3 times during class but I never learned my lesson.

Rebekah Ortiz: I love watching Judge Judy and I could watch it for hours.

Kelly Heitkemper: I think I’m sneaky when I sneak out the door 2 minutes early.

Logan Kirby: I never bought the book “Death’s Acre” for forensics.

Tyler LeClair: The precalc groupme.

Cameron Fails: Me and Jamie Mamaligas dated sophomore year, but i ended things.

Maggie Cunningham: The entire physics bookwork is online.

Kylie Gay: I skip 7th bell everyday.

Sarah Palmer: I’m always on my phone during school assemblies and I don’t listen.

Tricia Jamieson: I gave my friends anonymous valentines for Valentine’s day but Kelly Schroeder was driving so I could deliver them and she hit Matt Travey’s mailbox.

Emily Conway: I only read 1 book in high school.

Dustin Acree: For 2 years my brother and I have received the same locker and stolen locks and created a lock chandelier.

Spencer Bultman: Freshman year, I fell in the toilet during lunch.

Blayne Buckler: I had no idea what my book was about for the Wheeler lifestealer.

Mckenzie Metzger: Mrs. Contratto, freshman year I told you I had a book called “Geometry Sucks” when you saw it written on my binder. I actually just hate geometry.

Danielle Johnson: I cheated on every single one of Wysong’s anatomy tests.

Joe McCabe: Mr. Goldie, I was afraid of you a little in freshman year, but now you are one of my most favorite teachers of all time!

Jack Young: Making Miss. Cooke do most of my photography projects.

Kyle Pucke: I have never read a single book in high school. Mrs. Eldridge, i never did a single paper of your homework.

Zach Klinker: I came into school late almost everyday, but snuck in the side door to not get in trouble.

Nikki Walter: Everyday I was late junior year, but would go through the junior high office.

Jimmy Kolosike: I’m in love with Nick Froehlich.

Nic Wooten: I did a movie presentation over a movie I never saw.

Nick Froehlich: I’ve never seen (the movie) Kill Bill. I presented a whole presentation over Kill Bill.

By Maggie Cunningham

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