’12 Degrees’ of Cool

frederick 12 degrees

Kaitlyn Frederick

K. Frederick

As the dog days of summer dwindle by, the heat still blares on. Only the company of cool AC and a chilled dessert can help you find relief.

12 Degrees’ Italian Ice, will come to your aid.

Located on Grandin Road in Maineville, 12 Degrees offers 75 flavors of Italian Ice. Owners Victoria and Dean Spencer work hard behind the glass. Dean said the couple did not at first plan to operate in Maineville.

“Originally our plan was to open at the beach in Delaware,” he said. “But since I got transferred here, we just figured we’d open up here and see if the people in the area take it and like it.”

Victoria added that the business is a family affair.

“I tried to incorporate them (my family) into everything,” she said. “We’ve got two boys and six grandchildren. It’s been very difficult to move away from everyone, so now it’s just us and our dog.” 

So far, after about two years of the Spencers running the business, residents seem to be loving the product.

Victoria said they are busiest around 5 p.m. to closing. The line quickly fills up with hungry kids and parents trying to cool off after sports practices. With all the reviews on ‘Yelp’ being 5 stars, the community seems to enjoy the business.

“Chocolate, Lemon, peanut butter, root beer, are always here,” said Victoria. “But we’ve had about 75 different flavors since we’ve opened.”

The source of the name “12 degrees” is two-fold: 12 represents the temperature to store Italian Ice as well as 12 members of the Spencers’ immediate family.

“Everything we make is fresh,” Victoria said. “All natural ingredients are put into the italian ice. Water, fresh fruit, purees and sugar are blended in a batch freezer. Italian Ice is fat free, cholesterol free and dairy free.”

The store is open every day 12 to 9 p.m., with the exception of Fridays and Saturdays (open until 10 pm).

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