‘Selfie’ embraces small cast


Savannah Donaldson

S. Donaldson

Kings High School kicks off the new school year with auditions and the start of rehearsals for the fall play, “Selfie.”

“This show is about people in high school dealing with the kind of simple but profound issues we all go through,” said director and high school acting teacher Pete Moore. “I hope students will see a little of themselves in these characters. If they’re stuck in some darkness, I hope they see that there’s light beyond the dark. ”

The play’s website gives the following synopsis: 

It’s senior year and problems are mounting for a group of high school students as they prepare for the future. Facing bullies, parents, pressure, sickness, and their own self-judgment, the characters search for ways to stand out. As they document their year, one click at a time, they come to realize life is not about what other people see — it’s about the pictures they have of themselves.

Written by Bradley Hayward, this show has a cast of eight people, a very small cast for a high school play and a big decision for Pete Moore. He said the small number of roles prompted him to hire three separate casts this year. These casts are listed below.

“High school is about opportunities; three casts equals more of those,” Moore said. “Also, the show is short, so it’s easier to give all those casts plenty of chances to perform.”

Along with having three casts for the first time in the theatre department, this is also the first time for student assistant directors.

“I feel incredibly blessed. I’m so excited to work with all of the talent that is in the cast and I’m really looking forward to being part of a great production,” said KHS Senior Jordan Yonkofski, one of the assistant directors to Moore.

Selfie will be performed in the King’s Auditorium Nov. 19-21. Ticket information will be announced.

“Selfie” CASTS

Red Cast                           Blue Cast                             Yellow Cast

Sam Purkiss                     Michael Kaper                      Jordan Yonkofski

Mackenzie Mettey            Morgan Reece                      Kira Doebereiner

Alex Taylor                       Zoey Fitzgerald Kidwell        Camryn Gostel

Chris Roat                        Skyler Reisinger                    Alec Freeman

Ella Jolicouer                   Andrea Montenegro               Haley Coleman

Alex Egan                        Emma Brockwell                     Ryan Dilts

Shannon Sullivan            Ethan Cain                              Sarah Drees

Kaylee Okamoto              Lydia Berg                              Amber Mitchell

Claire Galberg                 Bryson Wires                          Jess Harmon

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