Will Kings reconfigure school buildings?


Jay Marketos

J. Marketos

King’s has never been a large school district, but it is growing quickly.

Students, parents and teachers alike have noticed that the schools are more crowded than they used to be, class sizes are larger, and this might lead some to think that the schools are close to being full.

This is not the first time the district has faced this problem. Originally built to house around 600 students, the high school was forced to expand about seven years ago to its current capacity of about 1200 students. The entire west academic wing of the school was completed in 2008. And each year has seen more students enrolling. 

Now the growth is hitting the lower grades as well, and Kings is facing a district-wide problem of accommodating more students — or at least balancing the student population evenly between the schools. The way district lines are drawn and because there are three separate schools, they have over the past several years become unevenly full, according to officials.

This leaves the Kings School Board with a dilemma: how to create space to keep up the standard of education for a growing community, but in a way that allows families to transition well and still feel like part of the Kings community.

And for now, the jury is still out on exactly how to accomplish this.

“No decision has yet been reached,” said Kings Superintendent Tim Ackermann. “I will consult the community every step of the way before any decisions are made.”

In an interview with The Knight Times, Ackermann said he will see what angles the school board considers, and that a lot of thought has gone into seeking a solution. Three possible solutions include: redistricting Kings, reconfiguring the grade levels, and building new buildings.

If buildings are reconfigured, students may attend a specific building based on their grade level rather than where they live in Kings. While this could save space, it also poses other challenges such as transportation.

While no decision has yet been made, Ackermann stated that he would consult the community every step of the way, allowing for whatever decision that is made to be one that is well-known and discussed beforehand.

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