New Beginnings
2015 grads start new lives

ernst grads

Katie Ernst

K. Ernst

It was just a few months ago that the Kings High School Class of 2015 climbed the stage at Cintas Center and collected their diplomas. But in those few months, many of their lives have changed quite a bit, as they move away from home and start their college careers.

Colleen Reising, 18, pictured far right with her new college roommates, was a member of the varsity Lacrosse team and National Honors Society while at Kings last year. She recently made the two-hour journey from home to her new school at the University of Louisville. On Aug. 19 Colleen moved into her dorm to start her classes as a biology major.

“I was never scared, but of course I was very excited,” she said. “I’m close enough to home so that I can see my family but I’m far enough away.” 

Moving away from home isn’t the only change the graduates faced as they headed off to college. Some may change their personality or the activities they were interested in while attending Kings.

ernst 2

Reising in her new dorm room at the University of Louisville.

“Since high school I have definitely become more outgoing,” Reising said. “Everyone is new so you all just kind of get to know one another. I’ve made so many different friends of different genders, races, and other things. I’m more involved, yet most things haven’t really started yet. I live in an honors science living learning community, so I am required to do some events and study sessions. I’ve learned to be who I am, and people can either accept that or move along.”

Another recent Kings graduate, Ashley Wise, 18, now attends the University of Cincinnati and is working towards her degree as a dental hygienist. Ashley started up with her fall classes on Aug. 28. Although graduates like Ashley don’t have too far too move away from home, they face different challenges.

“I like high school better right now since (college) is so new,” she said. “In high school I only did homework my freshman year. In college you do so much homework.”

Adjusting to new things may be hard for our graduates, but they also gave insight to how the change can be positive.

“I like being on my own,” Reising said. “I have to fend for myself but it is not that hard for me personally. I control what I eat, what I spend, how I spend my time, and who I hang out with.”

Wise also seems to enjoy the freedom.

“Independence feels so free and nice but at the same time I miss how the teachers in high school ‘baby’ you.” Wise said.

The graduates wanted to give one last word of advice to the 2016 seniors as they go through with their last year of high school.

“My advice to the Class of 2016 is to make it last and have fun with it because it will be the quickest academic year of your life,” Wise said.

Reising said:

“One major piece of advice is that you need to apply for any of the scholarships you can get. Apply for the ones that are for the college you plan on going to, apply to the local scholarships, and apply for the tiny scholarships for your school. Even if it is only enough to cover books it is very important. Also, try taking your ACT one more time. If a change in your score can affect a scholarship then you really need to try, even if you get the same score as before. Enjoy your senior year, it will be lots of fun and the last time for you to make memories with your friends. I ended up making friends with a big group of people one month before I graduated. I had a blast with them that month and then throughout the summer. I made memories that will last for a lifetime.”

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