Zipping for a cause

zipline (2)

Kate Baxter

K. Baxter

As fall comes around the corner, the Kings Junior High Student Leadership Team is participating in a new fundraiser.

The Ozone Zipline Adventures at YMCA Camp Kern in Oregonia, Ohio is offering discounted rates to all members and friends of the Kings Local School District. These rates will only be available on the dates Oct. 11, 18, 25 and Nov. 1. 

The offers include The Traditional Tour, priced at $55, originally $65 and The River Tour priced at $75, originally $85. The Ozone Zipline Adventures will be donating $10 to the KJH Student Leadership Team for each zipliner that attends.

The money donated by the Ozone Zipline Adventures will be used to fundraise all KJH Student Leadership run activities.

“The money raised will help fund our after school activities like dances, cook outs, and fun nights for 7th and 8th graders,” said Head of the KJH Student Leadership Team, Andrea Kaercher.

Eighth grader Emma Meyer,President of the KJH Student Leadership Team, said the money will go towards our school activities like pep rallies, jam the stands, and hopefully we will be able to go on a retreat to Camp Kern.zipline

The zipliners who attend the fundraiser will zip along the lines above the canopy of the Little Miami River Valley. The lines travel to and from a 45-foot-tall, multi-level zip tower.The participants will be divided into groups of 8. Each group will be accompanied by two instructors from platform to platform.

“Ozone Zipline Adventures presents an amazing opportunity for people to see the beauty of the area we live in while participating in an adventurous activity,” Kaercher said. “Throughout the zip tour, participants learn about our local flora and fauna as well as the native civilizations that once inhabited the Little Miami Valley. This just seemed like a unique opportunity that our community would enjoy and a great chance to help fund some of our Student Leadership Team activities.”

Meyer said that her team is privileged that Kaercher is connected to Camp Kern, allowing them to have this opportunity.

“Mrs. Kaercher is on the board at Camp Kern and she decided it would be a good place to hold the fundraiser,” Meyer said.

The Leadership Team is all about teaching responsibility to Junior High Students and providing them with skills that will last a lifetime. It encourages them to take initiative and work to help others.

Kaercher said, “The Student Leadership Team is a group of 56 7th and 8th graders. We meet to discuss activities at KJH. They work together to plan pep rallies, team activities, and fundraisers. In addition, they assist with community collections such as the canned food drive. The team is lead by our President Emma Meyer and Vice President Lucy Pratel. I hope the Student Leadership Team will help develop leadership skills within each member. Being a part of the team will enable students to take peer ideas and implement them throughout the junior high. They will have the opportunity to lead pep rallies and fundraisers. I hope students will look up to the members of the Student Leadership Team.”

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