Diversity Club signals change

diversity club

Kayleigh Johnson

K. Johnson

The Kings Community has a wide range of faces, races and backgrounds. But Kings High School is kicking it up a notch by starting a club designed to embrace everyone: the Diversity Club.

In 2002, the “minority student population in Kings High School was at 2.9%” said KHS social studies teacher Dustin Goldie, who launched the club and held its inaugural meeting recently. “Our demographics are changing just like the world around us … We want them to understand that the workplace and college setting is very diverse and we want to prepare all of our students for that.”

The Diversity Club is not just open to minority students. Goldie said everyone is welcome. The club will help minority students voice their opinions and perspective on things that they believe need to improve at Kings. 

Some goals of the club are to allow students to discuss changes that Kings can make, as well as to share the positive or negative experiences they have at school. More broadly, club members will discuss social challenges, tolerance and acceptance of diversity. The club will also help to promote awareness of minority groups.

One example would be to make better efforts to celebrate events like Black History Month, Goldie said.

“We need to celebrate the achievements of African Americans during this month. One idea is to read African-American achievements each day during announcements,” he said.

Kiara (Kiki) Torres, a King’s High School senior, said she wants the new club to make an impact.

“It will make us be able to talk to others and be more open to teachers and give us the opportunity to express ourselves and not hide,” Torres said. “We need to have more Hispanic teachers. There are lots of Hispanic kids that come to Kings so it would make it more beneficial for us.”

The first Diversity Club meeting was Oct. 1 after school in the high school auditorium. Around 40 students attended. Coach Junior Ili, who was among the teachers who attended, offered some encouragement to the group.

“When one person steps forward and shares their story, others get the courage to share their stories as well,” Illi said.

The club will meet again in November but an official day has not been announced. The club needs students to help set up and join the club. Contact Mr. Goldie for information.

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