Robots in disguise


This week Kings High School was visited by a new company that exposed cutting edge technology to students.

Located on Columbia Road, FESTO is a German-based company that specializes in automation technology. Students had the chance during their five-hour presentation to observe and learn about the mechanics behind Festo’s automations and to learn about how both gas and electricity can be converted to power robotics. 

On Wednesday, students witnessed the flight of both Festo’s robotic bird – which was sculptured after a seagull – and a dragonfly. Both were remote controlled, but what makes the technology unique is that the robotics flew through the upwards, downwards and curve of their wings, just like an actual bird or insect.

Along with their flying bird and dragonfly Festo revealed other big projects they engineered in the past. One being a new way for production lines to have the ability to pick up sensitive or fragile materials by having a robot engineered after a chameleon’s tongue. The original problem was brought to Festo from a juice box company who stated that other robotic hands were crushing their straws.

Another product Festo shared was a robot designed after a jellyfish. What made the fish unique was that it had the ability to communicate between other jellyfish, to both avoid the others and to move out of the path of one that had a low battery to give it the opportunity to swim to the charging dock.

For more information on FESTO, click here.

By Kaitlyn Frederick

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