Ski Club ready for slopes

ski club

Winter at Kings brings a lot of different opportunities for Emily Charneskistudents. One of the most popular opportunities is Ski Club.

Ski club is ran by Kings parents Don and Kim Danko, who have been a part of the program for 10 years. Skiing takes place on every Wednesday in January at Perfect North Slopes in Indiana. If any outings are canceled due to weather, the club will extend into February.

“This club is for anyone from beginners who have never been to a ski a slope, to people who have skied or boarded for years,” said Don Danko. “We like to think we are instilling a lifetime love for winter and outdoor activities in each club member. We are showing them they have options during those cold weather days other than X-box or the internet.” 

KHS Sophomore Carter Favorite has been involved in the club since he was in seventh grade.

“All my friends kept telling me to do it and I was a bit skeptical at first,” says Favorite. “I had never skied before but I have always wanted to ski so I figured I’d give it a try.”

Favorite said he also enjoys the camaraderie.

“My favorite thing about ski club is probably being able to be with all my friends doing something we all love and also being able to constantly progress in skiing because there are always new tricks and techniques to be learned and I like being able to challenge myself with that.”

According to Don Danko, some students even prefer ski club over other sports they’re normally involved in.

“Most of the time students only drop out because of conflicting sports. We get a few parents tell us every year that their child decided not to go out for a sport because ski club was so important to them.”

For Danko, Ski Club does not just offer a healthy lifestyle, but community.

“Between the Columbia club and the High School/Junior High club we have about 200 members,” he said. “Combined that makes Kings the second largest club at Perfect North. We ‘own’ Perfect North on Wednesday nights. 200 skiers and snowboarders along with another dozen or so parents hanging out in the lodge makes for a great community night.”

More information is available on the club’s website,

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