Culinary Artist
Food for a healthy lifestyle


School clubs enhance the high Reagan Heckschool experience by bringing the students and staff together. With the many clubs Kings High School has, there is always room for one more.

Jonathan Bitzer, English teacher at Kings, decided to start up a culinary club. Being a personal chef for many years before becoming a teacher, Bitzer has experience with cooking culinary dishes.

The dates and times of the club are yet to be announced, but Bitzer has a plan for the club and can’t wait to get started on a few of his favorite dishes with the students. 

“We’re planning on a few dishes that emphasize solid techniques that can transferred to other cooking tasks, things like making a bechamel sauce for macaroni and cheese and learning to properly truss a chicken for roasting,” he said.

Students can’t wait to begin culinary club.

“So far I’m overwhelmed by the enthusiasm the kids have shown,” Bitzer said.

One particular student with this enthusiasm for the club is freshman Haley Guerin. Like many other students, Guerin is eager to learn the basics and beyond of cooking.

“My favorite part is experiencing with different cultures and learning how to cook meals for college,” she said.

Guerin also looks forward to cooking specific meals that have special meaning to her and her family.

“I hope to learn Mediterranean dishes and maybe even some European dishes that appeal to my ancestry,” Guerin said.

Student-based clubs allow students to come together through a common interest. “I look forward to meeting new people and experimenting with different kinds of foods,” Guerin said.

Not only is Bitzer looking forward to helping his students learn to cook a variety of foods, he also wants to teach the club about food and helping them choose a healthy lifestyle.

“I have a lot of activities and angles I would like to pursue with culinary club, but I mostly want to grow people’s knowledge about food so that they can make informed decisions about their diet in high school and beyond.”

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