Engineering success


Schools from across Ohio Kate Baxtergathered together in Columbus to present their ideas and projects at the recent Ohio School Board Association convention.

Among them were the Kings High School Engineering Academy, with teacher Jason Shields and students R.J. Winn, Zach Douglas, and Ava Cornelisen.

Cornelisen said that over the last few years Kings engineering students have created several projects.

“Past projects we have done are our solar heater, recycling lift, and special needs projects,” she said “including our electronic doorbell for classrooms.” 

Shields said the program was chosen from 100 across the state. OSBA2

“What we did was take some projects that we have worked on in our engineering department for the last few years up there, and we had posters because a lot of the projects I have are too big to bring up there, like the solar heater,” Shields said. “We brought posters for the solar heater, water irrigation, tray stacker, recycling lift, and brought up a demonstration of 3D prints.”

The engineering class allows each student to dedicate themselves to a project that interests them, in order to focus their time properly yet still work together as a team.

“My primary project was the solar heater,” Cornelisen said. “We took it upon ourselves to take steps to solve any problems and improve it in any way we could.”

For Shields, one of the greatest parts of being the engineering teacher is watching students succeed.

OSBA1“Probably the projects that are helping the kids with disabilities the most, because it’s making a really big impact with them and helping them out,” Shields said. “That is emotionally my favorite project. The more scientific project that is my favorite would be the solar heater, just because that one was really cool because we were able to collaborate with some experts at Solid Edge and look at the physics a lot to help refine it and get the efficiency right.”

This trip to Columbus was the perfect opportunity for these students to present their projects.

“Presentation skills,” Shields said. “That’s a pretty big important area in the engineering field; being able to present your ideas and convince people that your ideas are the best.”

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