1D finds new ‘direction’


Following the departure of Zayn Malik in March 2015, One Direction’s Madison Stowersfuture seemed uncertain. With the recent release of Made in the A.M., however, the four-piece asserted its dominance as the most successful boy-band in the world.

The soulful single “Drag Me Down” is a powerful arena rock song, among the best in the group’s catalog. It contrasts strongly with A.M.’s ballads, “Infinity” and “If I Could Fly,” which contain some of the record’s most poignant lyrics. The former is a moving orchestral piece; the latter, a touching piano ballad reminiscent of Phil Collins. 

“What A Feeling” is a solid piece of ‘80s-flavored pop, while “History” borders on ‘50s doo-wop. Country-infused tracks such as “Love You Goodbye” and “Long Way Down” stand out against the group’s pop oeuvre. “Never Enough” sports an a capella intro, showcasing the quartet’s vocal ranges and arguably serving as A.M.’s best track.

The album’s deluxe version contains four bonus tracks: “Temporary Fix,” “Walking in the Wind,” “Wolves,” and “A.M.”

“Temporary Fix,” with its rousing pop-punk, segues into the indie-influenced “Walking in the Wind.”

The most heartfelt track of all is “A.M.” A more fitting album-closer could not have been chosen; it provides a meaningful end to Made in the A.M., signalling the beginning of the group’s one-year hiatus.

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