Holiday Issue 2015
KingsUKnights fosters giving


The holiday season is always a great time to give back to those in need. Kylie BenningThis year Kings residents can give back to someone in their own community with KingsUKnights.

Every year counsellors at every school in the district seek out students whose families may need a little help during the holidays. They then find resources to provide these families with the gifts they need. This can quickly become a difficult job. 

Melissa Kowit, a King’s parent, decided this year the process needed to be easier. So she created the “KingsUKnights” website, which matches up families who can give to families in need — giving everyone direct and immediate access to the program.

“KingsUKnights allows the counselors to still be involved in the process, but doesn’t require as much time on their end,” Kowit said.

KingsUKnight gathers wish lists from students who qualify for the program. It is then up to generous sponsors to provide the gifts.

Sponsors are able to pick a single child to sponsor or an entire family. Each child is provided with three gifts of their choice. So far this year they have been able to help 175 students.

If you would like to sponsor a family you can email or visit the website here for more information.

From the website:

We are a family foundation that is coordinating with the Kings Local School District Counselors and local organizations to bring Christmas to families in need. We believe in teaching organizations in our community to walk alongside families in need and not just doing for families in need. Our faith and biblical principles are our guiding principal. We want to work with both secular and non-secular organizations in the community to provide help to those in need.

Our goal is to provide families in need the ability to give gifts to their children. We do this by leaning on community sponsors who can provide low cost gifts to the family. The family then wraps the gifts provided so they can participate in the gift giving to their children. Philosophically, providing three gifts at $25 each gift teaches families they can obtain the goal of providing sometime in the future. Additionally, it sets expectations for their children as to the types of gifts they can expect in the future.

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