Holiday Issue 2015
Giving back for the holidays

schmidHoliday Cheer

Some of us have too much, some have too little
Why can’t we come together and meet in the middle?
Walk the extra mile, just to see someone sad turn that frown into a smile
Make people stand, for everyone to take a stranger’s hand
A moment of silence for the people in need, as for now you can go help and do a good deed

–  a poem by KHS Junior Keely Schmid

It’s the holidays once again, and most people are busy buying presents for their loved ones. But what about those who aren’t as fortunate to have money to spare? Junior Keely Schmid has taken the initiative to help solve this issue with her Holiday Cheer Program. 

Schmid was inspired by the bell ringers outside the mall, and after she donated money to them and the charity they were funding, she decided to do something like that of her own. Thus, she created the program.

“I created it so people can bring in clothes, toys, shoes, and other things that they don’t use and I can give it to people who don’t have anything for Christmas,” she explains.depaoli

After she thought of the program, Schmid went around to local organizations to try to find one who was willing to partner with her. Matthew 25 Ministries decided to help her out and she donates money and items that people give her so they can give it to people in need.

Schmid has been collecting donations since Nov. 10th and will be until Jan. 31st. She’s already collected 14 trash bags full of items and hopes to be getting more.

Donations can be dropped off at Kings High School and Schmid will drop everything off at Matthew 25. For those who don’t have any tangible items to give away, money is accepted as well and is donated to families through the church.

“People can give money too so they can decide what they need instead of me bringing in things,” said Schmid.

Please feel free to donate something that isn’t of use anymore, as any and all donations are welcome.

– by Maddie DePaoli, Knight Times


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