Holiday Issue 2015
New coach adapts swimmingly


The Kings High School Swim Team is kicking off this season with a new Kate Baxterhead swim coach, Sam Mizener.

Mizener, also a new math teacher at the high school, has an extended background in water sports such as water polo.

“I played water polo for six years in junior high and high school, then I continued to play in college,” he said.

This is Mizener’s second coaching experience with a swim team. 

“My sophomore year of college of a neighborhood swim team, which taught me all of the other strokes that i hadn’t learned through water polo.”

Although Mizener has never competed competitively as a swimmer, it seems that he is natural when coaching these swimmers.

Swim team member, Henry Strosnider said, “I think he is doing very well as a competitive swim coach even though his background is primarily in swim2water polo.”

Swimmer Megan Sichterman said, “He brings a lot of positive energy to the team and i think we are all ready to have a lot of fun this season.”

Mizener loves to see progression in his athletes and watch them improve their skills, “My favorite part of coaching is seeing these swimmers get better, seeing the progression, and being able to watch them improve every day.”

There is a lot of pressure that comes with taking on the position of head swim coach of a very successful team, although Mizener is not in this alone and has the help of others on his side.

“I am not completely alone in coaching this team,” he said. “I have the aid of some amazing others who have so much experience and are a huge help to this team. Some of my swimmers are also a part of the Countryside Torpedos, and will have practices with them as well, these coaches are a huge support and are greatly appreciated for helping this to become a stronger team.”

The Kings High School Swim Team are previous ECC Champions and plan to let nothing get in their way of continuing their winning streak,

“Well, last year we were ECC Champions so our goal as a team is to win again this year,” Mizener said. I would also love to see some of the swimmers to go on to districts and state as well.”

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