Holiday Issue 2015
Santa comes early to SLE Snow Shop


On Thursday, the joys of Christmas gift giving came early for the kids and Kaitlyn Frederickfamilies of South Lebanon Elementary.

Parents and children were encouraged to visit the SLE Snow Shop, Family and Community Night, a special gift shop where every item being sold was $5 and under. For the past three years, SLE’s PTO parents and guardians have been in charge of pulling the community together and organizing the Snow Shop. 

Snow Shop Chair, Sommer Bradds, started the gift shop with her mother, Terry Ekterling, a former teacher at Kings, three years ago. Bradds wanted to give the kids in the area hope for the holiday season.

IMG_7487“When we ask the kids what they want from Santa , some say that Santa doesn’t come to our house,” Bradds said. “ We wanted to change that around.”

Along with adding some festive cheer to the families in the area, the Snow Shop is helping the students at South Lebanon Elementary learn real world skills of acquiring goods for a fee. The gift shop is open for the student for two and a half days of school. The teachers will request a twenty minute block of time where the students will have access to buy and look at what there is to offer.

So far the shop has proved to be successful.

“Tonight we’re expecting to have a little over 100 different families visit us,” Bradds said. “That’s after we had the 500 students come and shop.”

To achieve having all the items under the low price of 5 dollars, Sommer and the rest of the PTO have gotten creative. They shop way ahead of time. About 364 days ahead of time.

“The PTO donated a starting balance of $3000,” she said. “We’ll go out Dec. 26 and get the best deals we can get and buy everything in bulk.”

Bradds and the other PTO members will them sell each item, fluctuating the price depending on what it is. The shop has already brought in more than 3000 dollars, with any money over the starting balance is added for the following years Snow Shop.

The snow shop has left both the parents and children of South Lebanon happy. Mother Holly Titler has shopped at the Snow Shop for all three years.

“I’ve had a good experience with the Snow Shop,” she said.

her daughter was equally please.

“I like how I get to choose presents myself!” she said.

The SLE Snow Shop sold an assortment of items, including toys for most age groups, ornaments, and a variety of other knick-knacks. The Snow Shop also paired up with the King’s Spirit Shop, selling the popular clothing worn by many in the community.

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