Holiday Issue 2015
Christmas all year around


Have you ever been driving by the Junior High and High school and noticedCaleb Ewing a certain “festive” establishment on the corner of Columbia and Wilson avenues? Many people notice it, but most may not know its unique and long history.

It’s The Christmas Shop, a neighbor of Kings for decades now and a part of Kings history. And it all started with one man: Ron Greene.

In 1977 in North Carolina, Ron had a dream. His dream was, as he says, to open a “unique gift shop that was fun to own and fun for the customer to visit.” After meeting his wife in Cincinnati and moving here, the couple worked in real estate until they had enough resources to make their now-shared dream a reality. 

In 1979, the Greenes found the perfect building to fulfill their dream, the one in which they still operate today, but were unable to acquire it until 1983. From there, they quit real estate and poured all their time and energy into getting their store ready to open. One very long month later, they were able to officially open their doors for the first time in June of xmasstore1983.

“It was a really quick turnaround,” explained Greene. “We changed this old, beat up “country store” into a fully functioning gift shop in the span of 1 month. My wife and I worked long days and nights in order to open as quick as possible.”

In business for over 32 years now, King’s Mills General Store and Christmas Shop is now home to thousands of Christmas ornaments, decorations, and accessories, and all are displayed throughout the vast 3 room floor space.

“Part of the appeal is how it looks,” says Greene. “People come in here and they just feel like Christmas.”

xmaststoreIt takes a lot of work to keep the store in good condition. “This job is extremely labor-intensive. It’s hard work keeping up with what’s out of stock, what needs to be repositioned, where to put new items…”

But all the hard work pays off. The Christmas shop gets many visitors, especially during the holiday months. They’ve even been reviewed by Michigan Living Magazine, The Toledo Blade, and The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Both Ron and Mary are very proud of what it’s become.

“It’s become the kind of place that you can walk into and have a genuinely good feeling when you walk out.”

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