Winter 2017
‘Kindness to all’


Last month, students all over the King’s District participated in the Great Kindness Challenge. It was a week centered around the idea of spreading and teaching the ways of kindness. Last year the Great Kindness Challenge influenced 8 thousand schools and over 5 million students in over 60 countries around the world. Together achieving over 250 million acts of kindness. 

For four years, J.F. Burns Elementary has been a Kindness Certified School, showcasing acts of kindness year and after. Kindness lessons were taught to the students of J.F. Burns by JFB Counselor, Emily Sander.

“I believe that the most important lesson of all is the one of kindness, and I hope that this challenge leaves a lasting impact on these students,”said Sander.

The entire school learned the song “Kind-Hearted Hand.” and Mrs. Waugh’s third grade less led the students in singing the song.

“I’m very proud of my students for all of the kindness they shared,” said Waugh.

Students at Columbia Intermediate expressed their kindness with signs and by decorating a showcase.

Kings High School joined in by demonstrating lessons on kindness to the second grade classes and writing letters for ill children at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. In addition to all of this, some members of the KHS Band took part by holding a performance for first graders.

This year’s Great Kindness Challenge was a success thanks to all of the staff and students that participated. The district aims to keep up the hard work and have every one of its members spread kindness to all.

Kate Baxter

By Kate Baxter

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